California political campaigns

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One cannot deny the fact that political campaigns do leave an impact on the election results. In fact, in majority of the cases, the political campaigns actually decide the fate of different parties. No matter what the political parties say to highlight their performance and to critics their oppositions, the electorate understand their intentions very well. One of the largest states in the western part of United States of America, California is a place which has a long history of political campaigns that have hit the headlines of newspapers in different times.

Though a quite well developed state, California has always been a place of political melodrama. There are various issues that always lead to hard battles between the ruling party and the others that aim the throne. Though candidates filing nominations include lot of things in their campaign speech their main focus always remain on the major issues like uneven distribution of water in Northern and Southern California, land dispute, unemployment and criminal activities. People of California are familiar in watching the ruling and opposition party and the governor and governor nominated pointing fingers at each other blaming for the failure to solve these issues.

Political campaigns in California take shapes of events prior to the election. The campaign grounds get thickly crowded with people, candidates give fiery speeches, attack oppositions brutally with words and open sack of promises. But ultimately nothing happens. Problems remain with the people of California and they keep on struggling with them.

However, in the recent times, California political campaigns have made major impacts on the election results and that is evident from the positive decisions that the Governor of the state is taking. Serious initiatives have been taken to reduce unemployment and the governor has announced plans to increase women empowerment. Besides, steps are being taken to solve issues that have been major reasons behind the sufferings of billions of inhabitants of the state. These days, apart from the Presidential and Gubernational elections, strong impact of California political campaigns have been noticed in the general elections which is held in all the counties. As the rate of sufferings in the urban and semi urban areas are more, people living their have been giving strong mandates, sometimes in favor and sometimes against the ruling parties.

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