Calibrating a Sprinkler System

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Calibrating your sprinkler system is a simple yet necessary step in efficient water use. This entails knowing the right amount of water the sprinkler system should let out on your landscape. Many landscape owners turn on their sprinklers for a number of hours without really knowing how much time they need to nor how much water is required. This often leads to wasteful overwatering of the grass or killing them by underwatering.

Calibrating – which is an elaborate term for determining how much water is applied in a given amount of time – your sprinkler system will help you use the correct amount of water on your landscape. This assures that water is not wasted, which in turn saves you time and money. Plus, it helps the environment.

Now, how long should you leave your sprinklers on? As a general rule, one inch of water should be applied to your landscape on an as–needed basis. The surest way is to dig holes or wedges in your lawn. If you are not keen on this idea, you may adopt other methods. Whether you use an in–ground sprinkler system or a hose, there are ways to properly calibrate your system.

The first step is to make sure your sprinkler system minnesota is in good working order by checking for leaks or broken sprinkler heads. Make the repairs if necessary. Also, your sprinklers should be pointed in the right direction, not the driveway nor the street. To calibrate your system, you will need several shallow containers of equal size. Tuna cans are good for this.

These shallow tin cans must be evenly spread out over the landscape. The more cans you have, the more accurate the measurements will be. Randomly place the containers in the lawn and start your sprinkler system minnesota. Run your irrigation system for 15 minutes. You need to measure the average amount of water in each can in 15 minutes by totaling the amount of water collected in all cans and dividing them by the number of cans.

Then, adjust the irrigation time so that the sprinkler system mn will let out the recommended one inch of water. Keep in mind that you need to calibrate your system at least once a year. Making changes or adjustments to the system also necessitates re–calibrating it as well. Once you know how much water is used, you can make sure your plants are receiving the right amount of water.

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