Calgary Photographers That DON'T SUCK

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Why not just thumb through the yellow pages and hire the cheapest local Calgary photographer money can buy? Oh Snap, Donít do it! The risk to this approach will result in god awful, boring and low quality pictures.

So I'll give you the major pointers to identify a photographer that will guide you to the perfect shots that you'll be proud to show off to all your friends.

What are the signs to look for when Identifing a profestional photographer?

This city is full of foe photographers that charge an arm and a leg to give you sub quality results. Anyone can get lucky by pointing and shooting the camra.

So if you got the following you got a winner: customers, experience, portfolio and studio.

How to find a Professional Photographer in Calgary?

So you got to be able to separate the cream from the milk - so to speak. Calgary photographers are a dime a dozen but the good guys, the real professionals can be found by observing the following.

1. Is there a protfolio that does not hide anything?

This will give you a really good idea of what your going to get. Are you going for a wedding photoshoot. Then look at what they have done for past wedding clients. Is it a match? Never expect more from a photographer then what is demonstrated.

2. Is there a studio?

A successful photographer that is dedicated to his art and is good at what he/she does will have a commercial studio. This demonstrates that he/she has a active client base; paying happy customers that keeps the profession alive (itís not just a hobby or a thing done on the side)

#3 Established Experience

Give them a call at their contact number and aks them: "how much experience do you have in taking - type of photography - and do you enjoy what you do?" Five or more years are good, ten or more, even better! It's just another way of determining how dedicated the photographer in question is to photography. Keep in mind though that it's not everything.

Go out and find yourself a photographer today

With these tips you can't go wrong. You now know what to look for - studio - experience - portfolio/style. Make sure to book your Calgary photographer early, because the good ones will book up and you don't want to miss your chance for some outstanding photos.

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