Cabinet Pulls, or Knobs? What’s Right for You?

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When deciding to renovate your cabinetry, there are many choices that you must ponder on to make sure to get everything right; their design, materials, colors… etc… etc… One of the most important, yet most overlooked decisions when it comes to either renovating or purchasing new cabinets is whether to install knobs or pulls. Now, it might seem as though this is a small, relatively unimportant task, but in reality, knobs and pulls were actually designed for different purposes, and using the correct ones in the correct circumstances will work wonders for your dwelling.
If you’re looking to purchase a new set of cabinets, most of the time they’ll come with included knobs (more cabinets make use of doorknobs rather than pulls), which however lack any style or substance. Luckily, you can easily take them, replace them, or modify them at your own discretion without causing harm to the rest of your cabinets, which makes buying pre-assembled cabinets with included knobs an economic way of acquiring customized handles.

When it comes to pulls, (formed from a c-shaped stick, attached to the cabinet by it’s two extremities), they’re actually a bit more of a hassle to install, usually come at a slightly higher cost, and offer less possibilities for customization, repainting… etc… etc… However, seeing as how pulls take up a lot more space on the cabinet doors than the knobs, they’re more noticeable and thus have a bigger impact in your cabinet’s aesthetic department. Also, it’s worth mentioning that pulls provide a much better grip for opening cabinets than knobs do, and though this might not factor into some people’s decisions, keep in mind that it is a big bonus for people who have troubles with their hands, such as arthritis.
In the end, your choice comes down to whether you’re willing to put in some extra money and work to get more comfortable, classier pulls, or if you’d rather go for a more inexpensive, subtle, and customizable cabinet knobs.

Melissa Roy is president of Comdesi Media. Read decorative hardware products reviews at Kitchen cabinet hardware and hickory Cabinet Hardware.

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