Bye bye Hair Loss

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I provide an easy way in dealing with hair loss.
Hair loss? Handle with some of these solutions.

The main factor:
Stress influences, always changing shampoo, scratching scalp too hard can cause hair loss, Another problem? Sinusitis, allergy, exhausted eyes, and also the disorder of kidney and lungs to whom that have aged are the other causes of hair loss.

Holistic Care
Acupuncture is very good for hair health. Unbalanced energy can make the blood current is disturbed and make the nutrition that will take to the skin will be blocked.

How do they work?
Acupuncturist will check the blood tension and strengthen the organs which need to be strengthened.
Using tool like hammer which has seven needles on the top, will be hit slowly on every part of your head. The aim is to speed up blood current and also strengthen hair root which gather under the skin.

Henna Laser
Irradiation can be done on the scalp which have hair loss problem to increase blood and oxygen circulation. This warm ray is aimed to mend each piece of hair quality,

increase the changes and activities of the cells, and also put away irritation on scalp.

How do they work?
There are two steps of treatment:
1. On the job treatment, your scalp will be rubbed with some gel that used as a conductor before doing irradiation.
2. Off the job treatment, giving some on the way treatments like shampoo, hair tonic and zinc. Another therapy will be given related to the hormonal condition.

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