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Tring, tring who’s there? Such buzzing tunes are no longer heard. Today’s world is about computer, cell phones and many more. Internet has caught all the attention and if it is the world of communication, it has also witnessed a revolution. Gone are the times when you have to spend lot more bucks on calling your friends, relatives and all your near and dear ones. Time is right for easy calling anywhere and that too at affordable cost. Who else but KoolTel America understands that? Their kooltel phones are too cool…With Kooltel phones you can just rock with the time.

Why KoolTel? You can get such lucrative offers that would suit your pocket and at the same time make you feel happy and good. You can make unlimited domestic phone calls at nominal price of $ 17.76 every month and you can go on talking without any hassles and tension. Be it any part of United States you can get uninterrupted calling service. Call anywhere at anytime and that is the mantra. Also in order to take up the service you do have to muddle up with tons of papers and documents. With kooltel , no credit card is required, no long term contract also is needed. Thus you can grab all the benefits of kooltel-america phone service and for that you do not have to tear your hairs and getting screwed up for signing all the papers and more.

Now let us talk more on stunning features of kooltel phones. With kooltel America phone you can use a local number and just forward your calls to anywhere, to your office, phones at your home, cell phones or any telephone. Also you can get 3 forwarding features, even if you are unable to receive the call at any time. Plus Kooltel phones’500 minute calling card impels you to make a blush with the calling time. Calling from computer is quite cheap and the users will feel quite delighted to get such mind-blowing features of Kooltel.

One more point. We are always up on our toes thereby running here and there, starting from office, home and where not. Often we are busy with assignment that we hardly get time to eat, sleep and rest. At time people gone awry as they are unable to locate you and stay in touch with you. Kooltel America phone has the easy solution for you. Its motto is FindMe, followMe, that is to say, it helps all your acquaintances to locate you on all your phone numbers when you are not online.

There are more from Kooltel’s end. Even if you miss a call the voice mail will be delivered to your email address and also play as a wav file on your personal pc. As an added advantage, there is also no need to disconnect your primary phone service. What else do you want?

In nutshell KoolTel America’s stunning phone service will ease your life by helping you stay connected anywhere with anyone and that too at low monthly price rate. So be kool with kooltel.

Throw a look at new avatar in communication industry, KoolTel America and stay connected with world with smart kooltel phones.

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