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Discount cards for fundraising have always been a popular and effective way to raise money, but now you have even more options! Choose option one, and have the company that designs the cards take care of everything for you, or choose option two and secure merchant participation yourself, selling the cards for $10, $15, or $20 each. Either way, you will find that using discount cards for fundraising is the easiest, most profitable method your group or organization has ever used to raise funds.

People across the U.S. regardless of their financial status love to save money; it is just human nature. Who would not enjoy a 20% discount on a hair cut and style, or a buy-one-get-one-free offer on a shake, or burger and fries? These are the types of offers you typically find on the cards, and the purchaser enjoys savings at a dozen or more merchants in their own community for an entire year. This is why it is always a good decision to choose discount cards for fundraising.

Sports teams, school groups and organizations, church groups, the PTA - whatever your organization, you will find these cards amazing in terms of ease and profitability. Why lug around boxes of candy bars and make $1 on each one, when you can enjoy profits of $5 or more on every card you sell, without the storage and spoilage worries? Plus, far more people are worried about saving money than they are about eating a candy bar that will be gone in minutes. In an economy that is coming back but still is not as strong as it should be, people want a great deal.

So, how do the options we mentioned earlier regarding discount cards for fundraising compare? Here is a quick overview:

Option one - If you choose to have the company that designs the cards for you contact the merchants, no problem at all. This reduces the work load on you, so that all you really have to do is distribute the cards to those who will participate upon their arrival, and start selling. Order 250 cards, and enjoy $5 profit on each card sold, or $1,250. Order 1,000 cards (you get 200 free) and sell all 1,200, your profits soar to $8.33 per card, or $10,000. In these examples, the cards are sold for $10 each.

The card company will design the cards using your logo, team or organization name, photo, and expiration date. The back of the card will contain 12 to 18 offers at merchants in your local area. The company handles it all, and ships the completed cards to you at no additional cost.

Option two - This discount cards for fundraising option gives you a bit more flexibility, but your group obtains the participation of the merchants rather than the card company. Additionally, you receive 10% of your order in free cards, which means when you order 200 cards, you get 20 free and so on. With option one, you only receive free cards (200) for every 1,000 ordered. Sell the cards for $10, $15, or $20 - and of course the higher you price the card, the bigger the profits. For example, sell 110 at $10, and your group makes $600; sell them at $15, and your group enjoys $1,150 in profits. However, it is usually easier to sell the cards at a lower price, so you will need to take that into consideration.

Everything else stays the same; the company will design and ship the cards, and your organization is ready to begin selling.

Regardless of which option you choose, discount cards for fundraising is simply the logical choice. No intensive preparation or physical work required, great profits, an easy sell. Customers love them, and so will your group!

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