Buying World of Warcraft Safely

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Okay, so if youíre considering buying a WoW account you have probably heard many of the same horror stories I have ó people losing hundreds of dollars on scams, or worse yet getting banned by Blizzard and losing everything theyíve built on their own account - level 70ís, epic gearÖ..ouch! So naturally you donít want that to happen to you. I want to help make sure you donít end up as one of those horror stories, and so Iíve decided to compile for you a few tips to buy WoW account safely.

1. Look for the best, most trusted online retailers. Donít buy an account from Joe Schmo down the street (even if he seems like a trustworthy guy) and donít buy one off craigslist or eBay. You are way more likely to get scammed in a situation like that where itís your word against someone elseís.

2. Look for sites that carry a money-back guarantee (like the one offered by, for example) just in case something goes wrong or your new account gets stolen back by the original user (hey, it could happen!) Some sites also offer insurance on your purchases, but if you have a guarantee that probably isnít necessary.

3. Always make sure the site is willing to offer you a REAL person to talk to. Live help is a hallmark of a well-established, legitimate service.

And most importantly:

4. NEVER use a bought account for bought gold or powerleveling (and this should be common sense, if you bought an account it probably has high-enough-level characters) If anything, use your own original account to make gold purchases and then mail that gold to your other account. This is the best way to stay off the radar and avoid that worst of sentences, being banned from WoW entirely.

Thatís it for now, folks, stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and reviews in the coming weeks.

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