Buying Supplies For Watercolour Paintings

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Buying watercolour art supplies is often the next level for an aspiring artist once they have started to develop their skills.

Watercolours are notoriously thin paints so there are certain skills and a number of art supplies that a person must own in order to ensure that they create the desired painting of their dreams.

Using watercolours requires more precision than when you use typically thick paints as the faintest brush stroke can have a significant impact on the rest of the painting if done incorrectly.

When you know what type of painting you want to create, the first step is to choose the correct watercolour paint and there are a few things to consider when selecting these art supplies.

Quality art supplies are essential if you want to create your own masterpiece so you must take into consideration the standard of the watercolour paints, the size of the paint and the brand of the materials.

Artists working within a budget may benefit from creating smaller paintings as they will be better off purchasing smaller amounts of high quality art materials compared to buying bigger quantities of substandard art supplies.

The next thing to consider is the variety of paintbrush you want to use as it does not matter how good your paint is if you have an incorrect brush to use as inappropriate art materials will result in poor quality art.

Painters must have both a small round and medium round brush before embarking on a painting as well as a very fine brush for intricate details and finishing touches.

Watercolour paintings need brushes which are specific to watercolour paints and these are identified by their natural fibres and shorter handles but if you are unsure then you should undertake research.

Now that you have the correct paint and brush you must find the right surface to create on as there are only a limited number of surfaces that are appropriate for watercolours.

Artists who use watercolours will usually use special watercolour paper and sheets of these art supplies can be located in the majority of online art material stores once you have done the necessary research.

Another item to get is a dish for mixing the paints you have chosen to use and in my experience porcelain dishes are the best for watercolours as they allow the paints to mix more effectively.

Finally you will need to purchase a palette and an easel and once these have been bought you will be ready to commence your watercolour creation.


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