Buying guide for Bluetooth headset

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In the era of ever changing lifestyle and growing popularity of mobile connecting and entertaining devices, use of a Bluetooth would bring a revolutionary change and treat you with features far beyond your expectation. Its USP lies in its wireless technology which easily connects various devices like PC,mobile and others for easy exchange of data,images,business cards , satellite navigation like GPRS and many more. Moreover its clutter free nature and flexibility of performing multiple tasks while driving or talking makes it very appealing and

But the stone in the way lies in capturing the right and genuine one from the multiple choices in the market. You would win the battle if you catch hold of the one with great value for money, style, range, functionality and compatibility. You can easily ease your process by going through various tips or guides like:

Sound quality: If you are buying a Bluetooth enabled headset then check for its sound quality and flexibility to control volume with great stability. You can check for DSP (Digital signal processing) technology which offer you with great crystal clear sound quality by eliminating the surround sound.

Comfort: Since a Bluetooth headset is worn for quite a long time it should be very comfortable and easy to use. If you are wearing glasses then you should be more careful. You can choose from two main types like boom (they are heavier, worn with a loop, but boosted with great clarity) or no boom type (They are worn in the ear, more secured but less comfortable).

Pairing: This is very important aspect due to the growing demand of wireless technology in the future. Make sure your Bluetooth device is able to pair with at least seven to eight devices very comfortably.

Battery life: Do not go for blue tooth with battery life less than 8 hrs of talk time and 100 hrs of standby time, for maximum benefit.

Compatibility: Your Bluetooth should at least hold an easy compatibility with minimal 1.2V technology for making it worth for the users.

Range: A Bluetooth with standard range of 10m /30ft would play like a magic for you, but according to your need and device you could go for higher range also. So it is always advisable to calibrate your cell phone or any other device before using it for an uninterruptable use.

Price: One can easily find a Bluetooth as low as 400 and as high as 4000 rupees depending upon its style, use and features. High price is always the best buy, is not always true ,so don't just burn your hard money, do some ground work and select what is best suitable for you.

Even if your mobile phone is not a Bluetooth enabled, you can still enjoy its freedom and features by using a Bluetooth adapter. Thus, buying technology is always for better, but if bought smartly then it would do wonders. Buying from various online stores, would not only offer you choices, but would provide you with handy information on their features, technical specification, comparison and availability at discounted rate if any, just at your finger tips.

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