Buying Books? Get Them at Much Cheaper Costs

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If you have a reading habit, it is hard to control it because the habit itself dwells upon receiving a constant dose of good books at all times. So, there you are. You need a constant supply of books to feed this habit, but your wallet remains empty nevertheless. Instead of over-using your credit card or your precious resources, why not think about a cheaper way to buy books? You can use the methods that are listed below to find books at bargain prices that will certainly be lower that the prices prevailing in the market for new books.

Online Bookstores:

Fetching books online can save you some pretty hard earned cash, so you can always check prices of books on the internet before you venture out to purchase. You can also buy them at prices that can also include cheaper shipping rates for a range of books. Also, the title that you are searching for could be listed under used books so you can get it at a bargain price.

Discount Coupons:

Very often, large brick and mortar bookstores and also online bookstores give out discount coupons that can be redeemed against purchases made in the store. Thus, if the price if the book is INR X and you are in possession of a 15% discount coupon, then you get a discount of 15% on your book purchase. Sometimes, the discount coupon is of a value X of purchases that can be made against the coupon code. So, you can use the coupon to buy books up to the value specified on the coupon.


E-books can certainly be a good way to save money since an electronic version of the book can be procured at a cheaper price than a printed copy of the book. The advantage of an e-book is that it saves printing, inventory, and shipping costs. Looking into the growing popularity of e-books, there are now gadgets like Kindle available in the market which can be utilized to read books in an electronic format. Some of the books are available in PDF format, so you can easily download them and read them on your computer.

Pavement Vendors:

Not always can you find a good book in the stores. If you a keen pavement shopper, then chances is you can find a good book for sale on the pavement. Pavement vendors usually keep a big pile of used books for sale on the pavement and chances are you can find rare and out of print books too for sale here. The cost of such books is lower than what you would pay in a regular book store since these vendors do not have to incur costs in running a brick and mortar store.

Book Swapping:

Book Swapping is the practice of exchanging books. You might own a book that you have read, so you can go in and exchange it for a book you want to read. There are many places online where you can go and swap your books. Sometimes you might need to pay a shipping fee, but book swapping is something that can be done at very low to negligible costs. You can also swap books with your friends, provided they are willing to swap books as well.

Finally, you cannot forget used book stores and thrift shops where you can get books at much lower costs in the market. Thus, if you have a collection of books and want to improve it or even if you just want to simply procure a book for reading or your personal use, follow the steps mentioned in the aforementioned article and get your books at much cheaper costs.

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