Buying A Cookbook- How To Choose The Best One

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When looking to buy a cookbook, people often face a number of obstacles. For instance, they may walk into a bookstore with the intention of buying a book on how to make cakes. It's only when they get to the recipe book section that they see how many books are actually out there! Not only this, these books are in different price ranges and have different levels of difficulty. There will be recipe books for beginners as well as for advanced bakers. So how do you choose the right book for you?

Look Around

When you have an idea of the kind of cookbook you want to purchase, it can be a very good idea to go online and do a search. This might initially be a little overwhelming because you will find that there are a lot of recipe books online, as well. But the advantage of browsing these on the internet is that you can easily compare different pricings of books. Many sites also allow you to browse through a few pages of the books. These sites also offer an advantage that an ordinary bookstore can't give you: you can try some of the recipes at home before buying. If you find that they aren't what you are looking for or if the recipe is too difficult, then maybe that book isn't for you and you needn't buy it.

While price is certainly a deciding factor in buying the best cookbook, there are other things you need to look out for as well. In general, it is always a good idea to buy a recipe book from someone who has a good name. Renowned chefs or television cookery show hosts write many books. While these are usually a safe bet, it doesn't necessarily mean that their books will always be a good choice. Frankly speaking, it's not uncommon to find a book that has a big name on the cover and mediocre material inside.

The Checklist

When checking out a cooking book to buy, first take a look at the recipes. Remember that a recipe book is essentially an instruction manual. This means that if the instructions aren't clear, then the book won't be much use to you. Make sure that the ingredients are listed out clearly. If there are any measurements or terms you are not familiar with, ensure there is a helpful glossary provided. Read through the steps, as well. As you read them, check to see whether any questions crop up in your mind and whether they are dealt with in later steps. If you find that you have too many questions about the steps, the cookbook may not be right for you.

Pictures are also important in buying a recipe book, especially if it is for complicated dishes. These pictures aren't important for their aesthetic value. Rather, they are important to show you how the dish should look at different stages of preparation. In the cases of pastries, where different folding or crimping needs to be done, having clear pictures can help more than written instructions. Finally, make sure the cookbook has recipes you are interested in. Many may go the extra mile and provide some interesting trivia or history behind the dish. By browsing through different recipe books online, you can easily make the right choice for your cooking needs.

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