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There are a lot of technologies available in the market to really improve the environment of office and home indoor air quality. There are HEPA air purifiers and electrostatic air cleaners that typically also use activated carbon, UV purification with IONISATION. We at CRUSADERS TECHNOLOGIES (I) Pvt. Ltd. provide the best air purifiers that combine these technologies at very affordable prices.

The brand of air cleaners and technology that is best for you must be researched because each solves different problems. HEPA filters effectively remove 99.97% of all particulates such as pollen and dust that pass through the filter, returning purified air to your home or office. IONIC AIR PURIFIER is the best technology available for air cleaners. It is a very effective system and is readily available in Delhi NCR and other cities across INDIA. Electrostatic plasma cleans with charged plates and save the cost of replacement filters but requires that the plates be washed. Both of these main technologies remove particles but not chemicals or odors. To address this need, room air purifiers must also have some form of activated carbon. UV is also employed with a HEPA filter to eliminate microorganisms. They are also refered to as smoke dust absorbers by some and smoke purifiers by others. We can vouch that what we sell is the best air purifier in INDIA and the price is superbly competitive.

Whether your needs are for allergy air purifiers or air cleaners to address cigarette smoke, we can help you find the right one. Buy air filters from us and we will make sure that they ship to you on time. We take your needs very seriously and work hard to make you a repeat customer.

Each of our office or home air purifiers is intended to serve a slightly different requirement from allergy arresting to addressing MCS, as well as serving different size rooms. We have tried to highlight the strengths and weakness of our product compared to others available in the market. However please call us on 09958492349 to get more clarification on the technology.

Offering the best products in the market, CRUSADERS TECHNOLOGIES (I) Pvt. Ltd. Was established in 1991 and has been in the Air Purifier market since 2003. We are the pioneers in Ionic Air purification system with 7 stage filtration technology.

1. Applications of Air Purifiers:
2. Asthma patients
3. Smokers and their housemates
4. Allergies from chemicals (MCS)
5. Pet allergies
6. Pollen dust and mold Allergies
7. People sensitive to cold cough and flu
8. Areas with lack of fresh air like basements

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