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Dawah Pocket Books are Islamic books in a pocket format. They aim at making mankind aware of their Creator and the purpose of their creation. These pocket books have been brought out by Goodword Books.

The titles in this series have been published in Urdu, Spanish, Japanese and Hindi apart from English. The titles in this series are The Reality of Life, Calling People to God, Prophet Muhammad, Man-made Global Warming, Dawat Ilallah, Maqsad-e-Hayat, La Forma de Encountrar a Dios, El Hombre que el Islam Construye and Satye Ki Khoj.

The booklet on Prophet Muhammad states that he was supremely successful at both the religious and secular levels.

His life has been stated as being exemplary and an unfailing guide to right thinking and right living in modern times. Through his example man can understand how to live in accordance with the creation plan of God. His teachings enable man to live his life in a far better way and at a far higher level.

This booklet has well defined sections, starting from the life of Prophet Muhammad to sections on the beginning of the prophetic mission, opposition to Islam, spread of Islam to Yathrib(Medina), arrival of Prophet Muhammad in Medina, the brotherhood of Islam, the Prophet's mosque, the Prophet's family, the battle of Badr, the battle of Uhud, the battle of the Trench, treaty of Hudaybiyyah, call to the world, the fall of Mecca, pardon for all, battle of Hunayn, the first Hajj under Islam and the farewell pilgrimage.

Calling People to God teaches people that the only right way of life for them on earth is in the service of God as true believers.

Dawah work has been termed in the Quran as ‘the call to God.' This work aims at bringing people closer to God. This Islamic booklet teaches readers that there is no surer guarantee of securing divine blessings than through performing dawah. This is held as God's eternal law.

This work is purely other worldly in nature as it has no connections with national, social or economic issues. It is a campaign to call people to God. It is important that this work be done in all sincerity way as any work done without sincerity of heart is not a genuine call to God.

The Reality of Life seeks to answer the question as to why man and the present world are so mismatched. It also seeks to answer as to why Man with unlimited potential only finds a limited outlet for his potential.

The main failing of man is that he wants to live eternally and harbours an ocean of desires. These cannot be fulfilled as they do not take account of death.

Man-made Global Warming discusses a modern day scientific problem. Consumerism leading to industrialization has resulted in global climate change. The future of mankind is at stake in this process.

In the above mentioned ways these Dawah pocket books discuss different issues. Prominent amongst these are life, death and the Hereafter.

Goodword Islamic Books has published a collection of Islamic Dawah Books
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