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The King of Pop as he was fondly known was one of the leading figures in the entertainment industry for 20 years spanning from 1980 to the mid 1990's. Anybody dancing around the globe then would not finish a performance without the trademark Michael Jackson Moon Walk. Over the years the vocalist gained unparallel celebrity standing. His songs were not only pure entertainment but also carried a lot of meaning. His 'Heal the World' is an example. He was voted by people all over the world to win The Entertainer of The Decade award in many polls conducted by assorted magazines. He and his dance moves were so popular that people, who struggle to even talk English, would be shaking their leg to Michael Jackson's Songs.
There are assorted sorts of Michael Jackson books available. However the most famous of them all until date is his Autobiography, Moon Walk. This book was released in 1988 and has sold over 250,000 copies until date. This book is available all around the planet and one can also buy Michael Jackson books at

Jackson took around four years to write this autobiography which was right from his heart. He spoke about all the early days with Jackson 5 and the kind of fascism and abuse he suffered during his younger days. His appearance was always left to a large amount of speculation and thus he decided to speak about his in his book. He confessed he had undergone 2 plastic surgeries and changed the appearance of his jaw. About the change in his skin color he goes onto say it was due to a variety of reasons including skin disorders, strict vegan diet and the damaging effects of regular exposure to host lighting. These are only a few subjects from this very solid autobiography. there were many autobiographies in his name you can buy Michael Jackson books on

Michael Jackson is credited as to creating a revolution of the pop culture in the music business. He inspired listeners through his songs and broke barriers of race and religion with the meaning in his songs. Many artists of the present generation have also credited their achievement to the inspiration provided by Jackson. Justin Timberlake, Maria Carey and Britney Spears are some of them. His career was decorated with awards from all quarters. In 1984 he was inducted into the prestigious Hollywood Walk of celebrity.

Michael Jackson will forever remain in our hearts through his music and dance. RIP Michael Jackson.

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