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Halloween is just around the corner, and I am really excited. Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday- the combination of scary and spooky, candy and treats, and, of course, the costumes. However, most people see buying Halloween costumes as more of a chore, while I think it is one of my favorite purchases of the year. I love looking at costumes. However, if you are not like me, I can still help. Here are some of the best ways and places to buy Halloween costumes.

The key to buying Halloween costumes is to have a plan. Too many people go into stores without any sense of what they want to be. They spend their whole time looking at everything and have a difficult time choosing from the hundreds, if not thousands, of different options. Instead, take ten or fifteen minutes to think about what costume you wish you could buy. You still have the flexibility to choose something else when you go to the store.

Speaking of going to the store, that is not the only place to buy Halloween costumes. In fact, there are three main locations where you can buy Halloween costumes. The first is the worst place to buy Halloween costumes: any non-costume store. This includes your big box retailers as well as your chain convenience stores. The only reason people buy Halloween costumes from these places is that they forgot to do it. You can be better than that.

The next best place to buy Halloween costumes are the Halloween stores or costume stores. These are great for browsing, if you enjoy that sort of thing. Plus, you get a chance to look at two or three different variations on your costume in person. This is crucial for all you witches and pirates out there.

Finally, my favorite place to buy Halloween costumes is online. There are some disadvantages here; you have to have a specific game plan, browsing cannot be done. However, you are able to quickly and easily compare prices and save yourself the trouble of going to the cluttered and crowded stores.

However you decide to buy Halloween costumes, whether in a store, online, or as an after-thought, take some time to think it through before hand if you really want a costume you will enjoy. Halloween only comes once a year, so the time is definitely worth it.

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