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If you want perfect self tanner, try products from the leading names in artificial tanning. The top companies have been established since decades and have been in the business of creating a range of products known and used worldwide. You won't go wrong if you buy from these leading manufacturers of sun care cosmetics. They have developed their products to include natural ingredients, which will not harm your skin when you use the various creams, lotions, or sprays.

Natural Tans Are Harmful

You want to look your best on the beach and a part of this is having a honey-gold tan. If you were to lie on the beach for hours on and soaking up the sun, you may end up being sunburned with the added dangers of contracting skin cancer and melanoma. The UV rays of the sun can really cause a lot of damage and you don't want that to happen. Self tanner is the way to go and you have gain without the pain!

Artificial Tanning

Tanning products have been around since the sixties, but have now advanced and developed to great extents. You can now swipe, smooth, or spray on top of a deep golden tan or a light bronze almost effortlessly. When you use the self tanner, you need to know how to apply it right so that you don't end up with orange skin.

Self-tanner products have dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is a colorless sugar that interact with the top layers or epidermis of skin headed for darken. Each day as the dead skin gets sloughed off and worn out away from the surface of your skin, your fake tan fades gradually. So, if you apply tanners every three days, you can maintain your tanned look for a longer period.

Range Of Products

The finest self-tanning product manufacturers have a range of tanning creams, lotions, and sprays that you could try to see which suit you best. Among the self tanner range are airbrush tan sprays, dark self tanning sprays, dark micro-sprays, self tanning lotions, and many others. There are also gift packs of various products which include overnight tanning lotion and moisturizers at cost-effective prices. There are many other varieties including exfoliant body scrubs, moisturizer maintainer lotion, and ultra-dark lotion set which you can buy in travel bag sizes.

Special Offers

There are many special offers from top-notch makers of tanning cosmetics including a dual set which has Dark Sensation Instant Self Tanner and Sunless Tanning Exfoliant Body Scrub. You can use this for yourself or gift it to your friends or family members. The scrub revitalizes your skin and the self tanner is designed for easy use with instructions for application. You can try other products in the range including whole-body exfoliators, maintainers, overnight tan lotion of both professional and personal use sizes. When you buy certain products in the tanning range, you get another product free in special offers. You have a great choice and quality products that will enhance your skin when you buy from the finest and most popular brands of tanning cosmetics.

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