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According to official statistics, in UAE every year more and more weddings. Now the number of marriages has exceeded 1.2 million per year, every year marriage comes about 2% of nationals. First marriage or repeated - for a businessman who decided to capitalize on this market is not so important. Most importantly, you can at least a rough estimate of the volume of the market in a particular city. Take the total number of inhabitants, we calculate the 2% and multiply them by the average cost of the groom, the bride. In the case of mega cities receive 20 thousand people, and the average cost of each of these, approximately 30-40 thousand AED. And it is - only outfits. It turns out that the market for the city - 600-800 million AED (or 18-22 million dollars, if someone is so interesting). So you can open your bridal salon. What is not a business? Yeah, pretty nervous, but, by and large, still fun and festive.

But something still worth repeating. Before contact with some supervised activities - consultations, advice and consultation again. Lawyers, accountants, experts familiar councils and administrations. It is better to get a bunch of unnecessary information than being in one is not the day before the official notification (from the tax, the labor inspectorate and other "overseers). Because ignorance of the law is no excuse. For wedding salon required room.

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Spacious and bright, with the "aquarium" windows. Location should be chosen with a good cross, and it is desirable to place it side by side with the registrar. It is better to stay at arm's length from the Wedding Palace, but it is rather out of the realm of fantasy. Well, or as lucky.

If you read somewhere or heard that for bridal salon enough 30 square meters. m, - just forget about it. For normal access is not enough! Immediately count on a minimum of 100 squares (where to place your own exhibition hall, dressing rooms, a relaxation area for visitors, storage, laundry room, office manager). Try to keep an eye on the premises with the possibility of expanding the area. With a good flow of cases you will most likely want to diversify the range of services offered, and discover, for example, a hairdresser, a florist and more.

Yes, rent will cost dearly. More costly to repair and design of the room, and without in any way. Therefore, when searching for suitable premises preference was given to the so-called "raw" meters, ie premises without repair. Get ahead of the landlord on the installation work, because sometimes the landlord shall notify the tenant after the fact that drilling walls and lay additional wiring is strictly prohibited. By entering into a lease, do not forget to bargain the price. And remember the long-term lease. Direct or she will be prolonged to - as agreed, but their investments secure the guarantee that at this point you will be able to work at least three years. The average price of "meter" with such requests - 1.5-2 thousand rubles. Area of the city and its "capital" to raise tariffs considerably. Total: rent minimum of 100 sq. m cost of 200 thousand AED per month or 2.5 million.

On the purchase of the premises, we will not speak, because in our reality very few people at the start of the enterprise can afford to shell out directly from 5-6 million. AED. Repair and bringing the premises in proper form, as has been said, will fly in considerable penny.

First of all, you have spent on a design project bridal salon, where designers will consider all your wishes and whims. Pleasure will cost about 30-50 thousand AED. Depending on the prices on the market in your area. But it graphically and documented on the shelves will be laid out almost everything: from where will hang a huge mirror, models and colors to sofas to relax weary pre-wedding bustle fathers happy brides.

Actually, the repair will cost 3-4 thousand AED per square meter. m. The repaired area including the cost of the work. And this is 400 thousand AED. More about 150-200 thousand AED will be spent on the development of the name of the salon, design, signs, its manufacture, to obtain permission from the municipal authorities for the placement of signs on the proper placement itself. What the result will have to be spent on the purchase of commercial and office equipment - hard to say for sure. The size of spending depends on many factors, but it can be stated with confidence that even the most detailed thinking through all the details in the buying process will not free you from having to re-buy something else.

Trifles in any form of business activity set, and all to provide impossible. Especially when you do not even know about any subtleties. Anyway, mortgage for the purchase of commercial equipment, furniture, appliances and other things about 500 thousand AED. If you save without compromising the quality and appearance - good. No - were willing to spend. If you take the surface, then the equipment will be required to showcase accessories, floor racks of dresses and suits, mannequins, mirrors are large and very large sofas and chairs, cooler and coffee machine, office equipment and furniture for the personnel, warehouse racks and so-forth. Do not forget about the cabin air conditioning system. Bride tend to faint from the experiences and excitement, and if we add to this stuffy room - faint guaranteed. After which the bride herself, and her family will no longer to shopping.

Do not be stingy, because you create a festive space for people eager holiday. By creating such a room, you get out immediately. People will just be nice to you. And even if they had gone only a "look-ask the price," then it is likely that the right to seek elsewhere, they no longer want.

And then there is a question about the product portfolio. The question is very difficult because, firstly, the choice should be very large and diverse. Buyer must completely "staffed" in one place and not to run for the same studs into another salon. And secondly, if you do not guess with the goods, you can lose money. About the fact that once the goods somehow have to sell, and thus make big discount until the purchase price, keep silent. What to do to avoid this? The answer is simple - a complex process. Need to be aware of fashion trends, understand the manufacturers and product line, seasonal materials and a lot of what. Whether you like it or not, but understand this is necessary. Do not save even hiring a professional director. Mercenary without proper control - hypothetical raider "socialist property". And not versed in the subject business owner can not control the process. So you will have a long and detailed study of the catalogs of manufacturers, the presence at shows, visiting the annual exhibitions ... Learn, learn and learn again. dresses, veils, gloves, suits, ties, shoes, accessories - all in great numbers. Experts estimate the amount of the initial cost of inventory is 2-3 million AED.

You can work through catalogs and deliver the goods under the order and payment in advance. True, we need guaranteed delivery times. And there is the complexity of working with the catalog: sometimes these goods does not look like in reality. And sometimes the dimensions do not coincide. In this case, the agreement will help with some sewing workshop, which will be customized outfits for your clients "jump the queue at a discount." negotiate. Equal to negotiate with car rental services, wedding photographers and cameramen, Flower shops and BTL-studios. Staff - the eternal headache. Wedding Salon - is no exception. Need adequate, active and cheerful young people. Despite the fact that usually in such salons working girls, the presence of Man in the team will not be superfluous. And even much help.

According to market participants, rent wedding dresses, evening dresses, coats and tuxedos can bring up to 50% of the total turnover . Only need to create a good supply of the best-selling items. By the way, rent wedding dress, in fact, not much cheaper than buying it. The minimum cost of rent - 50% of the total price within 7 days of hire .

Average affordable price dresses - 30 thousand AED. And, as you know, the limits of perfection does not exist. It all depends on the thickness of the purse buyers and on your willingness to offer them something "unique and exclusive" what the bride will look like a queen.

To cover operational costs, it is necessary to sell about 20 per month. Only dresses. If we calculate the potential rental income of dresses and accessories, then the problem is at least cover operating costs does not seem elusive. Just keep in mind that the wedding season, you will need to accumulate strength for the existence of the cabin in the off-season. And do not try to save these periods of time on workers - good specialists are hard to find, expensive to learn, and to offend, including dismissal (at best) or to the left to competitors (at worst) very easily. Experts and market participants evaluate wedding products trading volumes well-known and very popular in salons 1-1.5 million AED. So there are some reasons to try to take their place in the sun - and fast enough to recoup the costs. But it will have to work very hard to beat. However, as in almost any business.

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