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Business phone service providers have long been there since the late 1800s. Thatís over a century ago and almost 150 years already. Itís amazing indeed that these business phone service providers have survived from the Great Depression down to the war years, the post-war era and on to the age of the Internet.

Fast forward to the year 2000 and these business phone service providers are now joined by firms which have benefited from the dot com bubble. Of course, any bubble ultimately bursts and so some of the firms dropped out. However, most of the business phone service providers survive and so we now know of companies like Verizon, AT&T, XO Communications, etc.

These business phone service providers have mutated and now double as Internet service providers as well. These are companies which have accommodated the best technical minds in the sector, thus their services are quite excellent even though the technology is new. Now, there are many kinds of Internet connections that are available in North America today which are beamed by these providers. Of course, thereís the old school dialup. Dialup is still available in remote areas in the United States today. Then thereís DSL or what we call as digital subscriber line. Aside from the Web or hypertext transfer protocol, there are new protocols that can be accommodated with DSL. Thereís FTP or file transfer protocol and VoIP or voice over Internet protocol. FTP is used by companies to transfer large chunks of files. VoIP is what we call as unconventional kind of business phone service.

As the name indicates, business phone service is catered primarily for businesses and most preferably to businesses with more than one locations. The nice thing about VoIP is that the sound at the other end is crystal crisp so you donít need any conventional long distance calls anymore.
When you use conventional phones, you pay for long distance calls even from state to state. And more so if you are calling abroad. But not so with VoIP or business phone service. In business phone service, there is no need to pay for long distance calls as everything runs through the computer. And the telephone sets that the business phone service provider will loan to you are state of the art Cisco. So that must really be awesome. What are you waiting for? Get connected with VoIP today for your business.

Author has been writing about xo colo as well as DS3 circuit and business phone service provider for years.

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