Business PBX the Mark of Communicative Distinction

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“Communication” is increasingly becoming the heart and soul of business today. Every small query, every deal finalized, every customer support activity is delivered through the medium of communication. In this era of business where communication has occupied the center stage, it has become mandatory to establish a strong communication infrastructure so as to facilitate a smooth flow of communications within and outside the business firm. Talking about the latest technology, Hosted PBX systems have marked a difference in providing services that offer flawless integration of all your business activities together with the ease of use.
The emergence of Business PBX as a revolutionary communication technology in the business era can be traced back to the time when traditional systems were used for the purpose of communication. A large number of problems were associated with the traditional systems which made them obsolete. The main problems associated with the traditional business phone system include:

• The inability to know the missed calls
• Tangled wired connection
• Expensive calls
• Setting up different phone lines for receiving calls if others are busy
• Different numbers for different regions
• Difficult integration among offices located geographically apart
The establishment of a phone system that could streamline all business processes required huge expense. In such a situation Hosted PBX systems evolved as a feature-rich cost-effective solution for facilitating business communication transmission through a highly reliable channel.

The various benefits of using Business PBX include:

• Round the clock access to business communications: This system offers a great level of flexibility in terms of presence. Your phone system can be configured to access business communications from anywhere, anytime and thus, you can fulfill the requirement of round-the-clock availability.
• Work from a Virtual workplace: Mobility is the main motivation factor behind the idea of Virtual PBX. This system is effective in providing an integrated environment to perform business activities from wherever you are. Since it also eliminates the need for initial setup, you can set up your office virtually by maintaining a constant connection with employees working from home.

• Pay as you grow concept: Since small business firms are quite conscious regarding the investment of their limited resources, Hosted PBX providers offer a solution that allows them to pay for exactly for what they use. This introduces a great level of flexibility in the system by allowing users to modify their requirements as per the demand of the time.
• Inexpensive calling to any part of the world: The introduction of Hosted PBX VOIP has lowered the calling costs drastically. PBX offers free calling between extensions no matter how far they are located. You can also make calls to any part of the world at quite reduced rates.

Business PBX is a phone system that has the capability to revitalize your business expressions through the introduction of a wide variety of features such as call hunt, call parking, call forwarding, Interactive Voice Response, Direct Inward Dialing, Do-not-disturb, call transfer, etc. These features breathe new life into a dull, monotonous communication channel and pave the path through which you can seamlessly communicate with people all over the world. Virtual PBX is a boon for small business firms since it gives them an opportunity to reap the benefits of an expensive business phone system at a reasonable price. These systems improve the professional image of small business firms and project them manifolds.

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