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Burberry Perfume is designed specifically to symbolize they busy city lifestyle. There were two famous faces that promoted Burberry, Rachel Weisz promoted the female fragrance and Loan Gruggudd promoted the male scent. This fragrance was release in two thousand and six. Burberry Classic perfume was released by. It is a very fresh and crisp combination that is very inviting to the nose. It has a tender, but sweet, aroma that is as much warming as it is cool.

The bottle that the Burberry fragrance comes in is very sophisticated. The bottle itself has a sample of the famous Burberry design placed around the main area of the bottle which leaves the top uncovered. The famous Burberry design is tartan in material that is cloth.

This Burberry Perfume features honeysuckle, Clementine, top notes of rose, peony, lower and jasmine. It also has base notes of patchouli, sandalwood and musk. At the time that you first spray the perfume, you are going to have to give it a minute for the alcohol smell to fade away before you will be able to smell the breath taking scent coming through.

Even though the smell of alcohol is a little unpleasant, the smell will be much better after you give it a minute or two. Burberry Brit Red perfume was introduced in 2004 as a warmer version than the original Brit. It comes across as rather peppery, but uses the rhubarb, rose, mandarin, and patchouli to create a smooth and warming experience. Burberry Brit Red perfume is, indeed, a very red fragrance. It has a nice tone of smoky notes as well and is a very beautiful and long-lasting experience.

Burberry classic perfume has hints of sweetness that carry it into the truly classic collection that it was made to be. It is a fragrance that you can wear anywhere. For more details http://www.perfumeandbeyond.com

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