Bulk sms service with text messaging software can serve as a promotional and information channel

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It will be needless to ask that have you ever sent or received any message on your phone. As a fact every one sends and receives messages more commonly known as sms. Sms is the abbreviation for short messaging services. These services are offered by every major telecom service provider in any country.
But do you know that these services like sms can be used for marketing and promotional purpose also. There are bulk sms service providers providing such services by using a sms gateway and text messaging software. Another way to send promotional sms is to send sms from computer by using various sites providing such services.

If you need to beat your market competitor or you want to start a fresh marketing campaign which is economical and effective also. Consider bulk sms services for effective and economic promotional services. Sending bulk marketing messages through SMS is one of the most effective and cost-efficient strategies suitable for small businesses. Benefits of bulk sms services can be further optimized by using text messaging software.

Sms API or short messaging service Application Programming Interface is the language used to communicate between computers .Sms gateway receives messages from your Text messaging software and sms gateway translates it into the protocol used by your recipients system for example many operator use different languages, band width allocations and technologies like 2G and 3G . Sms gateway ensures that every bulk sms reaches on the destination regardless the carrier in between.

Text messaging software is useful when you need to send bulk sms. Normally your bulk sms service provider will provide you with ample amount of mobiles numbers data. By just clicking on the single button of your mouse you can start sending sms in a fast and convenient manner. You can use inbuilt data mining tools while sending bulk sms by a text messaging software. Use of data mining tools will help you in focus the right niche of customers for your business for example if you want to sell your product to people of age group 50 70 years.

Text messaging software is especially useful in such a case.
It has been observed that small enterprises use bulk sms service for promotional purpose and medium and large scale organizations use bulk sms services for customer support and retention purpose. Normally word limit with bulk sms is of 160 characters making it a limited resource of information.
Technology has made this service so easy and functional that bulk sms Is now one of the most effective way of marketing and promoting services or products to all the mobiles owners. Number of mobile owners is also increasing day by day making it even more effective medium of media and communication. For sending sms from computer there must be and text messaging software already installed in your system.

There are few disadvantages or you can say limitations with bulk sms service like it Is limited to 160 characters only. In many cases complete message or information is more than 160 words, detailed discussions and complete information cant be sent in bulk sms.

Moreover bulk sms are limited to geographic boundaries only means if you offer services globally bulk sms or text from computer service is not suitable for you. For rest of businesses it is one of the best ways to promote your product.

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