Bulk SMS an Effective Marketing Strategy

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Mobile marketing is proving to be a fruitful investment for entrepreneurs and multinational companies. As the mobile phones have become as an integral part of life, reaching people through Short Message Service such as bulk SMS is not just a smart way but cost effective marketing way too. With its cost effective, reliable,and faster turnaround time, SMS marketing is proving to be a better tool in today's marketing arena.
It is expected that by 2014 mobile internet usage might over take desktop internet usage. According to Mobile Marketer, SMS has response time 8 times more than email. With increasing mobile phone users worldwide, mobile is a vital access point through which entrepreneurs can reach potential customers with ease. It estimated that nearly 98% of the SMS are opened and read by people, making mobile marketing an effective and reliable marketing strategy in today's competitive marketing arena. All these statistics clearly pinpoints the importance of SMS marketing as an effective marketing strategy.

Earlier, entrepreneurs and companies had to rely on SMS service providers to send bulk SMS to customers, but now bulk SMS software has helped entrepreneurs to convey updates to customers in just a simple click. Sending SMS in bulk quantities is one of the simplest and cost effective way to reach large number of prospects in time.
A bulk SMS software enables you to send your ad message in a SMS form directly from your excel database. You can send these messages either from your computer or through your mobile. As bulk SMS advertising is becoming popular in the marketing arena, it is also being used in other sectors such as financial institutions, corporate, education institutions, FMCG marketers and many other people. This software enables a company to send personalized messages to prospects and would stay in the inbox till the receiver deletes it. So even if the receiver has no immediate requirement for the advertised product or service, he can contact you in future whenever the need arises as your contact is saved in his inbox.

Due to its effective performance in the marketing arena, even large scale organizations have started to make use of bulk SMS strategy to boost their business productivity. However, entrepreneurs need to choose the best bulk SMS software based on their expectation and budget because some software may not have all the advanced functionality required to send Bulk SMS in India to a large number of people. So, kickoff your marketing campaign using bulk SMS marketing strategy and move ahead of your competitors.
Always try to keep your message simple to impress the customers. If your message is elaborate, customers might find it frustrating to read and understand. Create messages from customer's perspective to grab their attention. your words must tempt them and must drive them to your website to know more about the service, products or freebies.

Send a limited number of messages:
Don't irritate your customers by sending messages on regular basis. When you send useful messages from time to time, some customers might even sign-up for your SMS alerts to get up-to-date information about your services.
Make sure your message is compatible with all mobile phones:
Finally, you need to create SMS that are compatible with all mobile phones. You need to also include unsubscribe option to create a good impression among the customers regarding your services.
Buying the correct database from a reliable source is of utmost importance for the success of your SMS marketing campaign. You must also pay more attention while choosing service providers or software. Remember, a professional service provider will have a unique range of marketing tools which might aid you in sending bulk SMS in a simple yet effective way.
All these tips might help you to make your bulk SMS campaign successful.

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