Build a Solar Power System: Now is the Time to Build a Solar Power System for Your Home

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For what reason is it presently the best time to build a solar power system for your home? The two principal reasons why you need to build a solar power system for your house in these times are global warming and the economic recession.

Global warming is the main ecological hazard facing our planet today. The public debate about if it is occurring is finished - the scientific evidence is in and proven. Global warming is an overall rise in earth temperature which is credited to the climbing number of greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere.

How do we fight this problem? The major contributor to global warming is toxic waste from the generation of energy. We won't be able to turn around global warming without a transition to renewable energy.

For a very long time we have depended on fossil fuels. It provides heat to our homes, gas for our cars and electricity for our residences. Since we are these times utilizing it more than ever, there is a after-effect. We are draining our natural resources and gradually killing the earth. Luckily, we can convert our ways of operating and then change our focus to green energy sources.

Solar energy is being taken more and more seriously since US President Barack Obama made the reduction of US dependency on foreign oil a national priority. Hopes run high for renewable energy since he has named "green technology" as one area for a major crusade.

The sun supplies about 6,000 times more energy to the earth than the current daily human need. Time Magazine recently published an article stating that only 1% of the Sahara desert could theoretically deliver the same measure of electricity as all the world's power plants combined.

The economy is in a recession and energy prices are rising. This is our current situation and most people are feeling the pinch. You need to tighten your belt, but where do you start? Fortunately, you can save money if you build a solar power system for your residence. Since solar power is free and you can generate all or most of your electricity requirements yourself with solar power, you can save up 80% or even 100% on your monthly electricity account.

The principal thing to keep in mind is that you have to do it yourself. If you get a solar installation company to do the job, you are going to break the bank and it will take you along period of time to recover your money invested in terms of electricity cost savings.

You can build a solar power system yourself for much less and you don't have to be an engineer to do it. With the right guide, even high school children can do it.

Click here for a first-class solar energy guide that gives you with the necessary background on solar energy as well as a top-notch tutorial on how to build a solar power system for your house.

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