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The BT Hub Phone has become incredibly popular with customers up and down the country for its being a part of a system which has changed home communications today. The BT Hub Phone makes your telephone calls easier and more efficient, with a great looking handset, and a direct link to BT so that you can update your data instantly.

BT Hub Phone as part of the Home Hub even comes with a range of extras, such as security settings and a power save option, making it a great way to revolutionise your communications in the home and make everything more efficient.

The BT Home Hub Phone has a chic appearance, with a smooth black exterior, which matches its amazing capabilities. The BT Hub Phone works on BTís Broadband service, so that making calls is simple as it is done by connecting over the internet. This means you will always have cheaper rates, even for calling internationally, as you are not using the telephone in the traditional sense. Using broadband is altogether quicker, cheaper and easier.

The biggest advantage of the BT Hub Phone is the possibility to use BT broadband to make cheaper calls. Especially for households who use the phone often, or have relatives and friends who live abroad, the BT Hub Phone means you can cut your costs and enjoy a great chat with those who mean most to you, without worrying.

The BT Hub Phone works using the internet with the BT Broadband Talk service, and the cost reductions are mind blowing. Instead of having to pay up to 15p to call America from your landline, you could be paying only 1.25p with the new BT Hub Phone system.

Getting your hands on the BT Hub Phone could not be simpler, and will save you a great deal of hassle and money in the long run. To purchase the system you simply need to order online or go in store, where a member of staff will be happy to help you with your new BT Hub Phone. Setting the system up has been made simple too, so you do not need to worry if you are not the best with technology. The BT Hub Phone simply needs batteries inserted and the BT Hub Phone charged in the Hub.

Once the Hub recognises the handset and has been registered, you can operate the system with the onscreen menu and begin to make calls with your BT Hub Phone to your heartís content.

For more information visit: BT Home Hub Phone

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