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BT Home Phone has a strong reputation for delivering a reliable, high quality service to customers up and down the country. Switching to BT Home Phone is incredibly simple and can save you money from your current telephone company, as BT offers competitive rates.BT Home Phone provides customers with a telephone service that is second to none, using ADSL copper wire lines which carry the telephone signal. The company can install the line for you with no hassle, as they have a huge staff of trained engineers on hand to help you.

BT Home Phone has built its reputation on its packages which come at great prices, and great service which means that you will always have crystal clear conversations with your loved ones. The benefits of being with BT Home Phone are vast; as the company has so many extra features which can make your home phone experience complete.

There are calling plans such as one with a special tariff to call mobile phones. As so many people these days have mobile phones and are always on the go, it is important to try and keep the costs of calling them down. With BT’s special add on, which comes at a very reasonable extra cost, you can save a huge amount of money calling mobile phones, whereas before you would have been charged extra.

Furthermore, BT also has a special plan for BT International call too. Many people have to pay extortionate rates to call their friends and family who live abroad. However, those who are lucky enough to be with BT Home Phone can take their international calls plan, and get a discounted rate in overseas calls. This means that customers will never have to cut their conversation short because of worries about huge phone bills, as BT Home Phone’s international tariffs are so reasonable.

BT Home Phone also can be taken with one of its two main calling plans. These are BT Unlimited Anytime Calls and BT Unlimited Weekend Calls. These two plans mean customers can take a plan which fits their schedule. Those who work during the week can take the free weekend calls package and save money. People who often use their landline telephones during the week, evening and weekend will not have to worry about bills because of the fixed tariff and great rates the BT Unlimited Anytime Calls plan can offer.

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