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BT Broadband provides you with various options in terms of usage and imperatives. On an average BT gives dependable broadband but much depends on the location of the customer.

Broadband is the technology that gives high speed internet connectivity and lets one to browse the web and download files faster. With this kind of provision you can do various functions with an equal ease such as downloading movies and music, digital photo processing, playing online games and of course working on different business necessities. Although there is no global standard, for measuring the minimum speed for a connection to be termed as broadband, a speed of 256Kbps or above is generally accepted as broadband globally. However the standard has been mounting with the integration of advanced technologies that empower faster speeds of about 10Mbps to 50 Mbps. As opposed to dial-up connections, the landline can be used while going through the net and most providers use DSL or cable modem technologies for high speed data transmission.

One of the largest broadband providers in UK is British Telecom. Earlier under the government's control, now privatised, British Telecom as a brand was setup in 1980 and its privatisation was introduced and finished in 1984 when its prime stakes were let out to the public. BT has come up with some exclusive facets to increase the speed like BT home hub, which is a wireless Internet router that connects to your phone line. It sends the wireless signals to your computer, phone or gaming console to give easy Internet access all around your household. Calling through Internet is the current aspect of this online revolution and BT Broadband supports the VoIP. You can make calls globally through Internet broadband and that too at very cost effective rates.But the local telephone exchange requires to be enhanced to pitch 20Mb and much of the predicted speed depends on the line and the distance from the exchange. BT has been awarded the best delivering ADSL internet service provider award by a survey by Epitiro which made a case study of major ISP providers in UK from Jan'06 to Jan'08.

UK is a hub for telecommunications in terms of fixed landline and mobile technology. There are more than fifty Broadband providers in United Kingdom, stretching from Aberdeen in the north to Plymouth in the south and Galway in the west to Norwich in the east. All of these provide quality service and speeds to the consumers. To maximise market share these days, many ISP providers in UK are giving strong competition to each other by offering its users broadband connections that come along with a lightning speed feature.

BT Broadband as one of the front-running ISP providers has addressed the internet requirements of the users in an effective way by giving them some attractive packages. BT broadband gives options depending upon your needs. You can go for broadband only or broadband along with a telephone line or a starter pack where you get broadband, calls and TV. The speeds for all the packages are upto 20mbps (megabits per second) and the additional features such as free wireless router and security softwares are provided. There is customer care support round the clock just in case a user has a query.


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