Bruce lee vs Jackie Chan - Whom do you like?

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Both Bruce Lee and jackie chan are great fighters. They have devoted a major portion of their lives to martial arts. They are both different in their own ways and it's not really possible to compare them, but people would like to know who is better, hence this article!

The main difference is the way they have been projected!

In most of Bruce Lee's hollywood movies, you'll see him acting like a serious, everyday normal guy, while jackie chan is the one who is always acting like a monkey! Both of them know how to throw punches at their opponents, kicks people and break their ribs and do stunts that everyday people can never do in their entire lives! Both of them are skilled martial artists, but like i said before, it's all about projection. You can make a person a hero on screen and you can make him look like a fool as well. So if you've been thinking that one is better than the other than you've got to re-analyze your opinion.

Jackie Chan openly agrees that he only fights for the screens. He never fights on the streets, nor does he need some kind of appreciation by fighting at competitions etc. He just wants to be a great entertainer and entertain people with his fighting skills, his sense of humor and the handful of dance moves that he is aquainted with!

Bruce Lee on the other hand is a hardcore fighter. In other words, you can call him a born fighter.
He has fought people on the streets, in competitions and several other occassions that had nothing to do with movies. He practised several kinds of arts and only thought about excelling as a fighter. He wasn't really interested in gaining fame, which is why you'll notice that Bruce Lee is not much of a comedian or a dancer. May be that's the reason why he isn't as famous as Jackie Chan.

You liking a particular martial artist doesn't mean have to mean that the other martial artist isn't good enough. Your perception can be accredited to the marketing and advertising that major companies have been doing for years and that shouldn't make you believe that a particular artist is any inferior. Both artists are great in their own ways but people will always ask if one is better than the other.

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