Bruce Almighty - Movie Awards and Nominations

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Bruce Nolan (Carrey) was your typical television news reporter paying his dues with the hopes of being promoted to news anchor. When Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) gets the promotion first, Bruce curses God (Morgan Freeman) and blames him for his entire life situation. God decides that Bruce should have a taste of what it is like to be him so he takes a weeks vacation and leaves Bruce in charge. Bruce enjoys the challenge as he spends most of his initial time focusing on improving his personal situation. After completing all of the essential tasks like increasing his girlfriend Grace's (Jennifer Aniston) breast size he quickly realizes that there are a lot of people needing his attention. When Bruce finally gets around to answering the increasing list of prayers, he finds out just how involved the job is. Bruce is more than happy to hand back to reigns to God who is glad that Bruce learned something through the process.

The movie Bruce Almighty had a fundamentally good message and a lot of laughs to go along with it. Carrey, Freeman and Aniston were a great acting team which was evident in the nominations and awards the film received. Check out all of the film nominations and awards received by the cast and crew of Bruce Almighty.

2004 - "I'm With You" (Graham Edwards, Avril Lavigne) - Won - ASCAP Award - Most Performed Song from a Motion Picture
2004 - John Debney - Won - ASCAP Award - Top Box Office Films
2004 - Jim Carrey - Won - Blimp Award - Favorite Movie Actor
2004 - Morgan Freeman - Won - Image Award - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
2004 - Jim Carrey (Increasing his wife's breast size) - Won - MTV Movie Award - Most Divine Miracle in a Movie
2004 - Bruce Almighty - Won - People's Choice Award - Favorite Comedy Motion Picture
2003 - Jim Carrey - Won - Teen Choice Award - Choice Movie Actor - Comedy
2004 - Morgan Freeman - Nominated - BET Comedy Award - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Box Office Movie
2004 - Morgan Freeman - Nominated - Black Reel - Film: Best Supporting Actor
2004 - Bruce Almighty - Nominated - Blimp Award - Favorite Movie
2004 - Jim Carrey - Nominated - MTV Movie Award - Best Comedic Performance
2004 - Jim Carrey & Jennifer Aniston - Nominated - MTV Movie Award - Best Kiss
2003 - Jennifer Aniston - Nominated - Teen Choice Award - Choice Movie Actress - Comedy
2003 - Jim Carrey & Morgan Freeman - Nominated - Teen Choice Award - Choice Movie Chemistry

The film was quite a success not only for Carrey and Freeman but for the entire cast and crew involved. Steve Carell would take a similar premise and spin it into his own hit comedy Evan Almighty which was released in 2007. Following the release of Bruce Almighty Carrey landed his best dramatic role to date in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind where he played opposite Kate Winslet. The two provided a very intense and interesting on screen romance coupled with some amazing cinematography. Both Bruce Almightly and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are must see films.

As you can see Jim Carrey and the cast of Bruce Almighty received the recognition they deserved for the great film. If you want to learn more check out the Bruce Almighty movie review and the Bruce Almighty movie cast. Check out this page for the best Jim Carrey movies of his career.

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