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A popular magazine once ran a survey about its reader's worst fears. Death came in number six. Surprised? Not really. What was number one? The thing most people were afraid of was getting up on stage, also called stage fright. Surprised? Yes!

Imagine if you are on an audition, and the stage is located on the Theater District of New York, Manhattan, also called Broadway. This stage is where some of the most talented actors of our generation first started out. Simply put, Broadway maintains a high standard when it comes to the quality of its productions, and this is where Broadway reviews come in.

MasterCard said, there are some things money can't buy, and one of those things is an honest critic's review of a Broadway show.

A Broadway review is one of the most respected reviews in the modern world. Why not? It's a review of a show staged on what's considered the highest form of commercial theater in the English-speaking world. If you're an aspiring actor or actress, Broadway represents the pinnacle of your career. Broadway reviews ensure the quality of the shows doesn't deteriorate over time. Call it quality control, if you want.

Broadway reviews aim to deconstruct and analyze the technical aspects of a Broadway production. Don't worry. Most professional Broadway reviews are meant for constructive criticism. The goal of course is to make sure each and every new production adheres to the high standards set by the previous ones. Without Broadway reviews, there might not just be any room for improvement.

Not all Broadway reviews are professional, though. Some are simply amateur reviews, written by someone in the audience and posted on blog or website. This kind of review wasn't possible back in the 80s and 90s. But thanks to the Internet, amateur reviews now make up the bulk of Broadway reviews posted online.

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