British Movie Locations

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Most people love movies. Movies are a great way to get away from our hectic lives and escape into a fantasy world, even if only for a couple of hours. It used to be that there was only one cinema nearby and choices were limited. But now there are multi screen cinemas in most large towns meaning anyone can get to a cinema and watch the latest releases. As well as watching movies in cinemas you can wait a little while and hire them out on DVD, and then buy the DVD to watch time and time again. But what if watching the films time and time again isn’t enough? What if you’re such a fan you want to get more even more from the film? Maybe you want some inside information of how parts of the films were made? Well now you can actually go on a tour of places featured in the movies and learn about how scenes were made and see the locations up close. You can have you picture taken and even meat a real live celebrity. These are known as Movie tours and they are becoming more and more popular.

Harry Potter is probably the most famous wizard in the world right now. The books were such a massive hit it was pretty inevitable that they would be made into films. The second to last movie is showing at cinemas right now with the anticipated last movie coming soon. Many of the filming on the Harry Potter films was done in Oxford, Lacock and London which are all based in Britain. You can go on a bus tour of just the London locations or go up the country a little and see the locations in Oxford and Lacock, or you can do the lot in one tour which lasts for 2 days. Some tour companies even offer a ride on the real Hogwarts Express Steam train which featured in the films! How cool is that? Obviously this is a real treat for serious Harry potter fans but also a must for train lovers.

Doctor who is the most loved time traveller of our time. The television show is still going strong and recently has found new younger fans. There were a couple of films, Dr. Who and the Darleks was released in 1965 and then a year later Darleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150 AD. Both had Peter Cushing as the Dr Who. Arguable the films didn’t do as well as the TV series did and it wasn’t until it was relaunched in 2005 when it really was back at the top of its game. With modern technology making the special effects even more amazing it was soon receiving great ratings once again. Most of the filming was done in BBC Wales which is based in Cardiff and you can now go on a tour and learn how the show is made, watch DVD clips and pass actual locations which were shown in the recent series.

For more information on going on a Harry Potter Tours check out Brit Movie tours. They also offer many other Doctor Who Cardiff tour including, Gavin and Stacey tours, Sherlock Holmes Tours, Inspector Morse Tours and much much more.

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