Britax Boulevard 70 CS Review

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Britax Boulevard 70 CS Review

The Britax name in childrens car seats is a brand known for Safety and protection. The Britax Boulevard 70 CS, the CS standing for click and safe, Britax's technique of showing to you through an audible sound that your child is belted in safe and sound with the appropriate snugness is an extremely protected car seat for your preschooler.

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Britax has been in this industry for a long time just entering the US markets in the late 90's by way of their innovative line of tremendously safe and secure kids car seats.

With so many assorted child car carriers being sold nowadays, it is tricky to discern who actually stands out in the field of safety and innovation.

The Britax Boulevard 70 CS is one of those exceptionally safe childs car carriers. This convertible model will escort you and your baby from infancy to 70 lbs and 49 inches in height.

Why is it so safe? 5 factors instantly come to mind and stand out on these models to assure that just about every doable safety and security element will be there to guard your child in the consequence of a crash.

* Safe Cell Technology. These safe cells used on the Boulevard 70 CS compress in the result of a collision and lowers the center of gravity to neutralize the forces of the seat being forced forward from the inertia of the accident.

* Integrated Steel Bars. The framework of these models is manufactured out of very stout steel bars which will reduce the flexing that ordinarily happens in an accident.

* Energy Absorbing Versa Tether. In the incident of a collision, the energy absorbing versa tether webbing is released in a staged way to slow down the forward movement of the chair and safeguard your preschooler.

* True Side Collision Protection. There is a layer of energy absorbing foam that keeps your childrens upper body, his head, neck and spine all in alignment and inside the confines of this energy absorbing foam.

* The CS-Click and Safe Harness Adjustment Indicator. You'll never have to guess over again regardless of whether or not your baby is harnessed in tightly enough utilizing this adjustment. Do it once and do it right.

Is the Britax Boulevard 70 CS the most secure children's car seat? It is difficult to say if it is the safest but rest assured that the Britax mission is to engineer the safest and most secure as possible child car seats. There are a few other styles from Britax which are in addition very safe and secure and well tested. The marathon 70, the roundabout 55 and the top of the line advocate 70 CS are all exceptional choices. These will all provide your baby the maximum protection available at present in a kids car seat.

Where is the best place to acquire and compare these products?

This is the best place to buy and compare Britax car seats for your child. There is also other safety information on car seats, reviews and safety information Here

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