Britain's Royal Wedding - The Societal Happening of the Decade in London

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All of Great Britain is abuzz with anticipation for Britain's Royal Wedding happening April 29, 2011. Prince William, second in line to the throne, is going to be getting married to Kate Middleton, and the way it is shaping up the Kingdom is ready for a huge celebration. Parties and events are being planned all through Britain, with Cardiff, Wales leading the way with 30 applications for events already having been made, in excess of any other locale excluding London.

Britain's Royal Wedding will take in a four day bank holiday weekend, and coming right following the four day weekend of Easter, there will just be three usual working days stuck between the two bank holiday weekends, so it will not be the best point in time to come to London to perform business. Prince William seems to be obviously in control of running things, as he evidently won a battle with senior courtiers who had argued for a later time and the chance of better climate. In addition, although many of the guests will be from the rich and well-known and heads of state, The Prince is much more enthusiastic about making sure children, volunteers, along with the homeless are going to be represented in a unique "People's Royal Wedding". William has taken a great interest in the plight with the homeless.

The one topic Prince William had to be swayed was on the marriage venue, after first deciding on the charming St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. But the word in palace circles is that the only individuals William listens to are his grandparents, the Queen and Prince Philip, and they persuaded him to be betrothed in the place they were married in 1947. So by means of that suggestion from The Queen, as well as its moving connection to his mother, Britain's Royal Wedding is going to be at the 2000-capacity Westminster Abbey. It truly is a formidable building, one section dating back to pre-Norman times roughly 1000 years. It contrasts staggering splendor with the feeling of a parish church, and I believe it may be the most single significant building of historical significance in Great Britain. Plus it's centrally located in Westminster, so folks will be more directly involved with the procession and festivities within the area.

By now it truly is becoming apparent that Prince William, in an event where he is at center stage, seems to have a clear purpose of mind. Not like his father, Prince Charles, who has a proclivity for wringing his hands over difficult situations, when he makes up his mind about something, he does it. Also, he probably realizes that if he doesn’t set a precedent of doing things in his own way now, he will never be able to do so in the future. So he is clearly setting down a marker of the kind of king he will be one day.

Britain’s Royal Wedding not only promises to be an important event, but also a fun time, and believe me, Brits do know how to party. So come to London and take part in the celebration.

Click HERE for more information about Great Britain, and for some great travel ideas for Europe, Click HERE.  Glen Wheaton is a writer and travel enthusiast living in London.

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