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There are many classifications of photography, and commercial photography is just but one aspect of it all. By preceded by the word commercial, this class of photography has one major goal in sight, and that is to sell a service or product. At the end of it all the photographer gets paid for his services. And because it is business oriented, it therefore highly requires people to make it successful. Persons can either be the buyer and the seller or they may be the models in the photographs. Most commercial photographs are used in advertisements, catalogues, and brochures.
Brisbane commercial photographers engage in a wide range of services including the following:
• Product photography
This is where Brisbane commercial photographers take photos of a product so as to use it in its promotional services. The product can be taken to the studio of the photographer or he can go to the client’s premises and get the work done from there. Products that may be photographed include toys, cars, electronics and food too.

• PR photography and photojournalism
Photographs can also be used to communicate news. This is called photojournalism. In most cases the photojournalist is paid for his or her work. One can do commercial photography of this nature on a freelance basis or can be attached to a particular news company. Photojournalism is also closely related to PR photography because it involves sending a good image of the people out to the rest of the world.
• catalogue photography
Many product advertisements are done via catalogues. A single catalogue can therefore hold as many products as possible or it may just have one product. In this category, a product is shot and then a description is added to make it complete to the reader.
• technical illustration
This is a more complex form of commercial photography. It is mainly used to communicate technical drawings such as architectural plans. So next time you see an illustration in the manual of your newly bought DVD-player then understand that is a result of commercial photography. Technical illustrations are also used to communicate scientific details among engineers.

• advertising photography
Most advertising agencies are the ones that practice advertising photography. All the photos they take are oriented towards being used for advertising purposes.
• fashion photography
In fashion photography, a lot of emphasis is placed on marketing a lifestyle rather than the product itself. The product becomes secondary to the whole set up. Adornments being marketed are therefore sold because they are associated with a certain lifestyle which those in the know want to have.

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