Bring The Fresh - Has Kelly Felix Gone From Being a Rich Jerk to a People's Champion?

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In this article I am going to talk to you about a program that has effectively been flying low under the radar, quietly gathering momentum with the occasional recommendation from a respected marketer in the industry. Something tells me that this is how Mike Long and Kelly Felix at Bring the Fresh actually want things to be done. Unusually for a membership site like this we haven't seen any over the top fanfare or huge product launch.

What Is Bring The Fresh?

It's a membership program which is a one-time payment to join at the first tier. It's been set up by two successful internet marketers with track records in the industry and it's sole purpose is to show you a tried-and-tested route to making an income online ethically.

Inside the members area there are training materials including a Fast Start Guide and videos which are effectively your blueprint for putting together profitable websites that require little maintenance once they are setup.

Is Kelly Felix Still A Rich Jerk?

Do you remember that character which reminded you of Leisure Suit Larry with lots of bling? Some people took it too seriously and felt they were being patronized, but in actual fact Kelly was making fun of the gurus with the Rich Jerk. Yes, it's true, Kelly Felix was the man behind the Rich Jerk for a long time. It's also true that he got carried away with the lifestyle and blew a lot of money on frivolous things. Let's face it though, wouldn't you if you became a millionaire at a young age?

He's now seen the error of his ways and bowed out of the Rich Jerk to concentrate on running a membership site he is proud to put his name to with Mike Long, who is the other guy behind Bring the Fresh.

Who Is Bring The Fresh For?

It's for anyone that wants to make a growing passive income online following a simple method which can be applied to make you a four or five figure monthly income. On the inside you get to watch over their shoulder in the Fast Start Videos to see exactly how it's all done.

Does It Work?

It pays to be objective, so what I will say here is that Kelly provides a living, breathing example of a website he built following the methods that they teach at Bring the Fresh, which makes an average of $500 income per month. Since each website only takes a few hours from start to finish, there's no limit to how many you can build or the level of income that can be reached. What is required is some elbow grease and a commitment to getting things done by following their step-by-step guide and videos.

Also, inside the Bring the Fresh forum there are a lot of success stories posted up by other members. At the time of writing this article there are over 2000 posts in this area of the forum alone.

Check out my Bring The Fresh INSIDER video and full consumer review for more information on this program which shows you how to earn an income online at

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