Bring Back Treasured Moments with Ruby Wedding Gifts and Golden Wedding Gifts

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The traditional view of the wedding gifts was to help the newlywed couple to settle in their new home. Those who are invited bring gifts for the bride and groom. When giving wedding gifts, you should take into account the tastes and preferences of both the bride and groom. Personalized gifts are anytime more accepted and enjoyed. The packing of the gift should be done in a beautiful manner and on the package; there should be a handwritten note from the giver.

Wedding anniversary is an occasion to celebrate the togetherness of the couple. Anniversaries are celebrated every year in the couple's honor. The near and dear ones of both the husband and the wife get together to enjoy the occasion with gifts, food, drinks and music. Theme packages are unique wedding gifts idea for anniversaries. Accumulate some good, significant items that the couple will need in the later years of their life. The custom of gift giving on a couple's anniversary dates back to the middle ages. It is always as special a day for the friends and kin as well. For, it brings back all the beautiful moments of the wedding. The most special anniversaries are, the 25th or silver, 40th or ruby, 50th or golden, 60th or diamond, 75th or platinum and last but not the least, 100th wedding anniversary.

If the couple has been religiously following the tradition of the symbolic wedding gifts, then they are bound to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary with ruby. They have now been with each other for forty long years, sharing every moment of joy, sorrow, grief, pain, fear, love, mischief and anger. The anniversary of the 40th year is also called ruby wedding anniversary. It is the next biggest anniversary after the silver wedding anniversary. Celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary with what suits it best. Ruby wedding gifts. The best way to present your wife on your ruby wedding anniversary is through ruby jewelry. All sorts of jewelry are available in ruby. The gift will become even more touching if you add a symbol from your married life in the piece of jewelry. The symbol could be anything from a particular flower that she likes or a particular fruit, or even her favorite personality, or a picture of just the two of you engraved on the ruby wedding gift.

Not every couple gets to reach the 50th wedding anniversary. It is indeed, a rare occasion and thus called the golden wedding anniversary. Celebrated lavishly with the family, friends, relatives, children and their children, their friends and relatives, the golden wedding anniversary calls for golden wedding gifts such as, gold jewelry, an old picture featuring the two of you in your wedding attire reframed in gold could be great gifts for the 50th wedding anniversary.

It is an honor for the children to be able to celebrate their parents' 50th wedding anniversary. They should be proud of the fact that their parents are together for fifty long years. To present their parents with their golden wedding gifts is something they should feel honored for.

Author's bio-Lance Winslow is an expert in making customized gifts for all. He has picked up some ideas on how to find good wedding gifts, Golden wedding gifts, Ruby wedding gifts etc.

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