Breast Reduction - Cost, Price, and Tips on Your Payment and Financing Options

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Breast reduction surgery costs thousands of dollars. This includes the surgeon's fees, anesthesia and hospital fees. The average cost for surgeon's fees can start at $3,500 and up; for anesthesia, the cost can start at $700 or more; the hospital or facility fee can start at $1,000 or more. Even without the additional expenses, the patient is still looking at thousands of dollars to cover the three fees listed here.

Fortunately, private health insurance may cover some if not all of the costs for breast reduction surgery. Patients should find out how much, if any their insurance will take care of first. If they don't cover all of it, or even none of it, then they may have to resort to financing. However, the best scenario would be to pay for it out of pocket. There would be no debt to deal with. Unfortunately, not many people have this option.

Patients can consult with their surgeon regarding options for financing. Some surgeons have an in-house financing program. Or you can search for a medical financing company. Either way, it's a good idea to have favorable credit in order to get the best deal on a loan. Patients will need to conduct due diligence when they are looking for financing.

There are some patients that will look for a cheaper cost to do the breast reduction surgery. That is not necessarily a good idea. The "you get what you pay for" motto still rings true, even with a surgical procedure such as a breast reduction.

Getting a breast reduction at a lower cost could result in unnecessary and additional complications. There may be more side effects than expected. This can cause the patient to have a setback and ultimately have additional surgery to correct the problem. The patient would then be stuck with paying more money for another procedure. In this case, the patient would have to pay a high cost for lower standards.

Usually, surgeons that are certified by the board of their profession can command higher prices. They do quality work and quality requires more money. Board-certified surgeons will do a better job and the outcome is more favorable.

These factors need to be taken into consideration when the time comes to deal with the cost of having a breast reduction.

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