Breast Job – When Is The Perfect Time For It?

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Boob jobs have become very popular, especially among women who want perfect shape for their breasts and want to look just like their favourite stars. Boob job includes a process of inserting breast implant to get that increased or voluminous look. Breast enlargement process is mainly performed by cosmetic surgeons and the surgery can help you with improved body contour and self-confidence.

Can a boob job solve your needs?

Women opt for breast augmentation programs to have that symmetrical figure. But, you must know that breast augmentation process will only enhance the shape of the body and improve the image, rather than creating a perfect appearance. The most common reasons for getting a boob job done are to balance the asymmetrical breasts, dissatisfaction with naturally small breasts or lack of volume in the breasts.

You may need a boob job when you
- Feel that your breasts lack in volume especially after pregnancy
- Think your breasts are too small for the rest of your body
- Feel your breasts are symmetrical in shape or size
- Excessive weight loss have changed the shape and size of your breasts
- Feel low when you wear dresses like form-fitting top or swimsuits

Criteria for a right candidate

If you are thinking of opting for breast enlargement program, then you must be healthy enough and mentally prepared to under go the change. A perfect patient is the one who has achieved the target weight or is less than 30 pounds overweight. Breast implant is also helpful to reconstruct the shape of breast after mastectomy or in male-to-female sex reassignment surgery.

You need to be emotionally and physically well-adjusted and have a thorough understanding of the entire process. Try to be in good health and maintain a healthy diet and an active body for a long time before the surgery.

Various types of breast implants

Breast enhancement is done with the help of either a saline-filled or silicone filled implant. Whatever you want must be decided only after talking to the surgeon. Silicone breast implants require longer incisions than saline-based implants. But according to most patients, the silicone-filled gives a more realistic look to the breasts.

When you are choosing the type of implant you want, don’t forget to consider the factor of surface texture. Post breast augmentation, your breast can either feel rough or completely smooth. There are also tear drop and round breast implants as well.

Choosing the right size of the implant is equally important. Before you decide on the size, discuss with your surgeon who can suggest you the right size depending on your overall body size.

Side effects and risks involved

Breast augmentation is quite safe except for some little risks involved, which you need to know before you undergo the process. There are chances of little scars, complications and side effects that are very much important in determining whether you are perfect for the boob job process or not.

Post surgery recovery includes some minor side effects like swelling, pain and bruising. Soreness in the breast area is also common and during the recovery period, you need to keep the surgical dressings over the area and limit your movements. Some kind of interference may also be experienced, especially during breastfeeding. In rare cases, collagen fibres may develop around the implant leading to a condition named capsular contracture, which can be painful. In this case, the implants have to be removed.

Breast implants are generally safe. But you need to go for regular MRI scans for there are risks of leakage or rupturing.

Therefore, if you want to have a body like your favourite star then breast augmentation is a great option.

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