Breast Augmentation Surgery: 8 Recovery Tips

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Adequate recovery time is required after a breast augmentation surgery. To make your breast augmentation recovery period shorter and more comfortable, you should limit your activities for some time and strictly follow your Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon's instructions.

Here are some tips for your breast augmentation recovery.

1. Remember that during the first couple of months the stitches and incisions made on you are still fresh, so exerting too much effort in the early stages of your recovery may be harmful to your recovery process. This can also prolong the healing time and introduce other complications.

2. Use ice packs during this time, especially if your breast enhancement involved silicone implants. The extensive use of ice packs during this period may reduce the post-surgery swelling.

3. Make sure that you, and everything around you, are extremely hygienic during this time .To avoid getting infections, keep your incisions dry and make sure nothing gets into the wound.

4. Empty and care for your drains properly, as according to your doctor's recommendations. Drains are one of the best ways to prevent any excess fluid from accumulating in your breasts. Make sure to be very careful when using drains, as any misuse can lead to a number of problems.

5. Avoid sleeping on your stomach for at least two weeks after your breast augmentation surgery.

6. Avoid stretching or bending over for at least one week after the procedure.

7. If your breast augmentation surgery involved smooth silicone implants, massage them daily. This will keep them soft and will help to avoid capsular contractures.

8. If your breast augmentation surgery involved textured implants, then do not massage them.

These are only some of the things you have to keep in mind during your recovery period. For other post-surgical tips and details, schedule a free medical consultation with board certified Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Vartany.

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