Break the Fast - Eat Your Breakfast

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The basics to weight loss is not as complicated as people make it out to be. One needs to simply change their diet to a healthy lifestyle by eating fruits and vegetables and get plenty of exercise. The main trick to weight loss is that you eat healthily and eat less than you burn. Eat smaller healthy meals every two to three hours. Do not starve yourself or your body will go into survival mode where anything you eat will be turned into FAT. For better results, spread your meals into four to six times a day (some meals can be snack-size). This keeps your metabolism working all day.

Most people, when they try to lose weight, they usually skip one meal. Usually, the first meal to go is breakfast. First of all, you should not extract any meal from your diet. Breakfast should be the last meal you want to be taken away. It is called breakfast for a reason. Here goes: when you are sleeping, you are in a process called fasting. Plain and simple, during a fast, you do not eat. And, if breakfast is skipped, you are still fasting, and that is very harmful to your body. When breakfast is omitted, you tend to get sluggish, you eat more. Your body has to make up for the lack of food. As a result, you gain weight.

Breakfast does not have to be ceremonial. All you need to have is complex carbohydrate, (whole grained bread, and/or cereal) protein, (milk, eggs, cheese) and fruits (banana, apple, or a pear). Start the day off right. A nutritious breakfast will rev up your metabolism and give you energy to face the day ahead.

Whether weight loss or a healthy life style is your goal. One most important key is to get active. Yeah, yeah, you don't have time to go to the gym, well, try to walk, bike, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Doing stuff around the house: such as vacuuming, washing the car can have great aerobic benefits. Drink lots of water. Avoid drinks that are high in calories and sugar. Cola is your worst enemy.

Just remember, when attempting to lose any weight, be sure you do it in the safest way possible. One good tip in reducing your caloric intake, stop eating when you feel full. Eat slowly and chew your food well. As much as possible replace any processed foods, and/or candy, cakes, cookies and chips, with fresh fruit and vegetables. Not only will you lose weight, you will also keep your heart and body healthy. Don't skimp on your diet. Your body needs nutrients such as calcium, Iron and other essential vitamins.

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