Braun Series 7 Review

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Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver
The Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver is one of Braun's latest and greatest shaving technologies providing a best in breed shaving experience. Over the past five years I have purchased a handful of cheaper electric shavers. I was in the market for a new electric razor and finally decided to buy a higher quality shaver that would last me years. I started to do my research on Amazon and came across the Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver. The Braun Shaver has unbelievable great reviews , averaging 4.2 out of 5 stars with over 1,000 reviews. I have also provided a personal review of mine below, I hope you enjoy!

Braun's Series 7 Pulsonic electric shaver is the first shaver with an active oscillating head over 10,000 micro vibrations per minute. The Braun 7 series is able to stimulate the skin better than any shaver, causing the skin to ripple, which helps capture more hairs. For comfort the Bruan Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver has a flexible head which allows the shaver to follow the contours of a man's face more closely. The Braun 7 series comes with a two year warranty.

In addition, the Braun Series 7 Pulsonic is the most intelligent electric shaver. The unit comes with Braun's "Clean & Renew" system that automatically cleans, lubricates, dries, and charges the entire unit all at once. There are multiple different modes with the Series 7 Braun Shaver, including a quick clean mode that can clean the shaver in only 25 seconds. The Series 7 can also be ran under running water if that is your preferred cleaning method.
? New microvibration technology (First shaver with over 10,000)
? Gillette Blade Technology - limits pulling and tugging
? Power-Comb: Braun has patented a unique technology that helps to lift hairs that normally lay close to the skin
? Smart Foil: Captures hairs that grow in different directions
? Clean - The unit cleans, charges, and dries itself
? Weight: 2.8 lbs
? Shipping (Amazon): Currently item can only be shipped in the US
? Model #: Series 7- 790cc/9595
? ASIN: B000Q6SU3C
? Average Customer Review (Amazon): 4.2 out of 5 Stars

My Review:

As I mentioned above, I have was in the market for a new electric shaver a few months back. After buying one cheap electric shaver after another I figured it was time to purchase an electric shaver that would last longer than a year. After doing my online research, I came across the Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver. There were over 1,000 reviews on Amazon and the average ranking was a little higher than 4 out of 5 stars.
Here are the reasons I love the Pulsonic Shaver:
? Great Construction: I absolutely love the look and feel of the Braun Pulsonic. The LCD screen has a scratch resistant screen and looks really great. The Braun shaver just feels great in my hand!
? Great Performance: I have had cheaper Braun shavers and many other brands and none of them have shaved as close as the Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver. The shave is as close as I could imagine from an electric shaver. The pivoting head is really great.
? Clean: I love not having to constantly clean my electric shaver manually, you literally just push a button and you are done. The LCD screen lets you know the second the cleaning process is over
? Warranty: The product has a two year warranty. In the past I have had more than three electric razors in two years!!!
Overall, I really think this is a great product and definitely recommend it to anyone. In the past I had spent hundreds of dollars on cheap electronic razors and I finally needed to upgrade to a high quality Braun shaver. I agree that the one-time price is a little expensive, but since you have to shave daily or at least a couple times per week I think it is money well spent! For more information view

Deane Jodorshin

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