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Retail design is hugely important. Whatever it is you want to sell or promote, having the right coherency to the layout of your shop will mean that customers will find the items they need without becoming frustrated. The right ambience will lend itself to a comfortable place to browse, try on and purchase goods, and the right colours will invoke feelings of relaxation and put customers in the right frame of mind to want to splash out on themselves.

They will make use of point of sale display systems to prompt people to be drawn towards specific items that will either be extremely appealing to a mass audience or have a particularly good profit margin, and they will have lighting that makes items clear and accessible without feeling cold or clinical.

However, a point of sale display can only do so much. To have people want to visit your store again and again they need to be able to identify with the brand. Therefore, the very best retail design will also successfully incorporate brand.

One great example of this is fashion retailer Apricot who have a very distinctive ‘O’ in their logo. On the ceiling in their White City store is a gigantic ‘O’ that they have incorporated into the store’s design. It is functional (housing a great source of light) but also extremely eye-catching and is instantly memorable. Utilising such features in the design of a store is great at helping people form positive associations. Seeing such an impactful design when buying good clothes, customers will then be drawn back to the shop simply by the logo design, even if only subconsciously.

So, whatever type of look you want for your space, make sure that you consider branding it in a subtle way that has maximum impact. Doing so will help build brand recognition immensely.

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