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Over the past summer,
The market is through a consumption peak, but booming, and sales promotions none other than the mobile consumer because of the recent disputes arising there from emerging signs of Rights, the phone quality is worrying. It is understood that, as of now, several types of mobile phones has staged "quality gates" not only "regular seat"
Machine, even brand mobile phones are connecting the state. According to "Beijing Evening Post" reports, as vulnerable to typos,
C602 mobile phones by the Beijing Industry and Commerce shall order out of the market. Similarly, the "Labor Report" recently exposed "on the million mobile phone quality defects
Sale does not recognize the "incident. In addition, such as Nokia, Samsung are Ranking-off" quality of the door. "

This problem the user heart broken, and keep up with the sale
Lets the user do nothing. How to make their love machine away from the "quality gates" to become the people focus, how to resolve the status of consumers have nowhere to solve urgent regulatory shot.

Frequent cell phone users complain about quality issues into focus

A long time, there are numerous consumer
Processing, quality problems caused by mobile phone all kinds of consumer disputes has been high. More critically, the brand machines are often a problem. China News Net News, Fuzhou users Chen has spent several thousand dollars bought the Nokia N97, a half months for the four, there were not the same phone vibrator vibration. Nokia manufacturers are indifferent handling, strong complaints in Mr. Chen agreed to replace the phone under just for mobile phones without any explanation of quality problems. In response, Mr Chan said: "I've been with four cell phones, and there are all the same problems, and back down there about? This quality, I doubt the product carrying the factory themselves and ubiquitous!"

The light of recent "iPhone mobile phone screen suddenly blew, debris user eye splash injury," the issue, Tencent technology in the investigation to the general users, there is Qi Cheng iPhone, users expressed concern about the quality problems; Liu Cheng friends that happen position, would not buy the iPhone.

These quality issues to consumers is undoubtedly an injury, there are economic, but also psychological. Consumers can not help feeling issue: "I wonder, famous brand mobile phones, quality assurance could be so fragile."

Brand of service people helpless

Buy a new phone and old out of trouble, not to solve old problems, new problems emerged. Annoying quality, service people helpless.

According to "Nanfang Daily" reported recently, Ms. Chen received complaints from users, said recently in her
Electric purchased a Samsung mobile phone, use the first 6 days ago Unexpectedly, it was found curled aircraft navigation keys and a falling trend. Ms. Chen Suning the phone back to deal with, each other none of week-long time to give any reply. Left with no alternative, Ms. Chen Suning and Samsung respectively, after-sales service call to the Ministry of press, but the answer is: cell phone case not covered under warranty, asking them to pay 120 yuan for

Xinmin Net reproduced "Labor Report" article, the exposure of "defects on the quality of million mobile phones, Motorola does not recognize the sale," the issue. It is understood that the user to July 13 This year, ordered online price of 15,888 yuan Edition Moonstone Motorola AURA phone payment test machine and found a problem with the phone cover, edge of the screen have light leakage phenomenon. Therefore, Mr. Xiang immediately contact Motorola Aftermarket and put cell phones in the afternoon sent a maintenance station for detection and maintenance. A week later, the maintenance station, said the answer to Mr. Xiang tested phone no problem, not a replacement. Subsequently Mr. Xiang has repeatedly linked with the aftermarket and factory still work order has been accused of testing out not to be replacement. This outcome was very dissatisfied with Mr. Xiang, who think they are buying high-end price as high as 15,888 yuan phone, and my spent 200 yuan to send to Beijing to test mobile phone, is to be responsible for Motorola mobile phones can seriously question the quality of detection, but not so half-heartedly.

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