Botox Will Erase Those Pesky Wrinkles

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If the person staring back at you in the mirror is beginning to look like a stranger, there is something you can do about your wrinkles. Many people are seeking ways to look younger these days and are turning to Botox treatments. This non-surgical procedure is a fast and effective way to reduce signs of aging.

Even though it has become more and more popular, there are some common questions that almost every potential patient will want answered before making a decision. It is important to research all the facts.

Botox is a protein that is derived from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. It is used most commonly for cosmetic purposes, especially wrinkles. It can also be used to treat conditions such as lazy eye, blinking problems, writer's cramp, migraine headaches and other chronic pain conditions.

This bacteria, when properly administered, works by blocking nerve impulses, resulting in reduced muscle contraction. Less muscle contraction will reduce wrinkles, making facial features appear smoother and younger. The results can be seen in three days and may last from four to six months.

The good news is that Botox treatments generally produce only mild discomfort. Since it is not a surgical procedure, no anesthesia is required. Some numbing cream or an ice pack applied beforehand to the treatment area is sufficient to control any pain.

The protein is injected directly into the desired area of treatment with a very fine needle. This method not only reduces any discomfort, it also offers maximum control over where it goes. Of course, the procedure should only be administered by a doctor or trained technician.

Before receiving a Botox injection, patients are recommended to stop any pain relievers containing aspirin and to not drink any alcohol. Following such simple guidelines will reduce bruising after the procedure is complete.

One of the biggest advantages of this treatment is that it is very natural looking. Facial expressions can still be made normally and the face will simply look younger. Since there is virtually no recovery period, a patient can conceivably have the procedure done on a lunch break.

It should be noted that without future treatments, frown lines and wrinkles will gradually return to their previous appearance. Whether Botox gives better results than a face lift or other surgical cosmetic procedure depends on the age of the patient. People over the age of forty tend to have less dramatic results than younger patients and may have to combine this treatment with surgery.

Side effects are not common and tend to be mild when they do occur. They include bruising, headaches, nausea or flu-like symptoms. In rare cases, a condition called blepharoptosis, or drooping of the upper eyelid, can occur after treatment but this is very rare.

A certain segment of the population may not be suited for Botox treatment. People who have allergies to any of the components of the treatment or suffer from any degree of neromuscular disorder should not consider this procedure.

As with any medical treatment, it is extremely vital that potential patients do thorough research beforehand and engage only the services of a doctor or clinic who has a lot of experience with Botox injection.


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