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Botox is known to be a most toxic substance ever known with a presence of LD50 in a small proportion per kg. It is used for medication. Botox is a neurotoxic protein which is naturally produced by bacteria called Bacterium Clostridium botulinum. As we use snake poison to treat a person who is bitten by a snake, same way we use this toxic substance to treat muscles spasms by giving Botox in small proportion.

The things that can kill can also help if used well. The latest discovery and use found for Botox is in cosmetic use. People all over the world want to look good. They want to look young always. It was discovered that if Botox used in small proportion it can cure wrinkles. This has bought a turn in the discovery in the medicine world. By injecting the Botox in the affected areas in the controlled proportion can get rid of those wrinkles on the face and look younger.

For Botox, New Jersey has many spa and clinics where you can get this treatment done; therefore it is advisable to get this treatment done through a trained professional doctor. If you end up in the wrong hands then you will end up with side affects like infection, inflammation, swelling, you can get an eyelid drop, temporary decrease in brow height, tenderness and/or bleeding or bruising.

There are some cases when the treatment is performed by an inexperienced practitioner the patient looks frozen. This situation can be avoided if it is done by a professional. There are many spa and clinic in New Jersey who offer this treatment and have trained professionals doing the job, and therefore for Botox New Jersey is a very well known place to treat wrinkles. For wrinkles treatment Botox New Jersey spa and clinics use tiny specialized needle for Botox injection that makes the procedure painless and comfortable.

They do not use any anesthesia. After taking the treatment the patient is usually asked to relax for an hour and then he/she can get on with their normal routines. This being a temporary treatment it last for few months and you will need to get the Botox treatment done once again after the effects wears out.

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