Botox is a naturally occurring substance that temporarily paralyzes muscle

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Most people look forward to the summertime, the longer days, holidays, and lazing around the pool; however, for many people, the increase in heat means an increase of sweat. Although it's normal to sometimes perspire heavily, some people will find that they sweat more than the average person. Excessive perspiration can cause embarrassment, lower self-esteem, and decrease overall confidence.

People who perspire excessively often dread the summer or any perspiration-inducing activities. They may begin to avoid going out on hot days and partaking in exercise or other physically demanding activities (especially in the presence of others).

Often times certain fabrics and colors will make sweating more noticeable, causing large stains to appear under the arms or around the torso, ruining clothing as well as causing embarrassment. Excessive sweating can be caused by many factors. When it is limited to one or two specific areas, such as the hands and feet, you may have a condition known as hyperhidrosis.

When the sweating is not limited but rather occurs all over the body, it could be a thyroid problem or related to menopause or anxiety. It is important to have a qualified doctor properly diagnose your problem before seeking possible treatments.

For those who suffer from hyperhidrosis or overactive sweat glands, there is an effective treatment. Botox, an injection most commonly used for cosmetic correction of facial wrinkles, can successfully help control excessive perspiration.

Botox is a naturally occurring substance that temporarily paralyzes muscle when used to treat wrinkles; it can, however, also be used to fill in sweat glands, blocking them from releasing perspiration. The treatment is safe and lasts for up to six months.

During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will inject small amounts of Botox into the target areas. There is no anesthesia required and discomfort is generally mild and will dissipate shortly afterward. The treated area may feel slightly tight for a few days after injection. The results are generally apparent immediately.

Sweat will be greatly decreased, allowing you to confidently enjoy outdoor activities, shaking hands with others, and wearing whichever clothes you choose. Prices for treatment range between $700 and $1,000 depending on the plastic surgeon and location. It may be covered under certain insurance plans, so speak with your provider and plastic surgeon about what options are available.

Ideal candidates are those who have been positively diagnosed with excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis and have not had luck with topical anti-perspiring creams. Few people have allergic reactions to Botox injections, resulting in bleeding, soreness, and excessive swelling after injection. Normally these symptoms disappear within a few days of treatment.

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