Botox freezes the muscles and skin protects them from contracting.

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Have you looked in the mirror and wish you could get rid of those unattractive wrinkles on the forehead, face and around your eyes? Many women and men choose plastic surgery procedures more expensive, costing thousands of dollars and a significant amount of pain. Today, it is possible to remove wrinkles from your face in a few minutes at a low price. Botox has been approved by the FDA and is safe for the treatment of wrinkles. Remember that improving your beauty does not cost much money.

Your Consultation

Once you have decided to try Botox, you need to find a plastic surgeon, a doctor or skin care clinic is qualified to perform this procedure. When you meet with a plastic surgeon or doctor of your consultation, your doctor will examine your face and look for things such as laugh lines, crow feet, forehead lines and deep furrows in the skin. After he examined my face, it's time to discuss treatment. Your service provider will tell you more about the procedure and tell you how many units he recommends.

What is the treatment will cost you

What you pay for your treatment depends on the location, how many injections you need and choose a provider. The cost of treatment may vary. Some places charge as much as $ 20 per unit, and other charges little as $ 10. If you choose, you should be able to find a good price.

How long do results last

Botox freezes the muscles and skin protects them from contracting. It will also give you a smooth, youthful-looking appearance. Although this treatment is a temporary solution, lines and wrinkles, it is cheaper than having a face lift. You can expect your skin without a wrinkle in the last four to six months. Drinking, smoking, and stress can accelerate the aging process. You must reduce these annoyances, if you want to look their best.

Can I see instant results?

When you receive treatment, the results will not be noticeable for several days. You will see a slight change in about 24 hours. Within about three days, you'll see a drastic on the occasion of his appearance. After two weeks, you'll be amazed at how young and beautiful you look. You will look like five or 10 years younger. Additional treatments are often required to maintain the results.

Possible side effects

This treatment does not cause side effects a lot. You may experience slight bruising, but it disappears within a few days. You can resume your normal activities after treatment. You can also experience slight swelling and redness of the treated areas, nausea and headache.

Botox is effective in treatment of frown lines, forehead creases, crows feet, wrinkles between the eye brows, wrinkles under the chin, and folds that surround the lips. This treatment will give you a more youthful look you desire. However, if you want to achieve the best results, make sure you hire a doctor well-experienced and talented.

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