Botox - An Overview

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They say, beauty fades away with time. It is not quite true in the present world, as technology is rapidly developing. You can now lock your age and stay ever-young with the help of botox. It is an excellent option for all those individuals who want to stay beautiful forever by getting rid of age marks and facial signs like wrinkles and frown lines.

Botox is extracted from a chemical named botulinum toxin that operates by paralyzing the muscles that surround your facial creases. On the relaxation of muscles, wrinkles undergo steady softening and gradually they disappear. Thus, you get the desired youthful look.

The most popular benefit of botox is reducing the creases and lines on face. It has other benefits too. Botox is proved to be effective in the treatment of migraine. It apparently blocks the sensory nerves that are responsible for triggering pain to the brain. This results in reducing the sensitivity to pain.

The wonder drug is also found to useful in treating people who have:

* Hyperhidrosis

* Cervical dystonia

* Blepharospasm

* Diabetic neuropathy

* Achalasia

Botox injections are widely used for cosmetic purposes, like:

Eyebrows - Laughing, frowning and smiling can lead to permanent wrinkles around your eyebrows. Removing such creases can enhance your look dramatically. The wonder drug can successfully weaken the muscles that are responsible for such creases. You can be safe from the undesirable aging marks like crow's feet.

Forehead wrinkles - Creases and age marks on the forehead can impart a haggard look on an individual's face. Botox can eliminate such wrinkles and impart a younger look to your face.

Jaw contouring - Many people have an oversized masseter muscles, or a square shaped face. They can opt for botox to give their faces an oval look. The drug diminishes the size of masseter muscles and results in curved jaws.

Botox treatments are recommended for people who are aged between 18 and 65. It is advisable to talk to a specialist before getting a treatment done on yourself. Only a professional physician will be able to decide whether you are a suitable candidate for a botox treatment. If you want to opt for botox to treat any medical condition, you must consult your doctor first. Though the drug might have a few temporary side-effects, people who are medically ill might be oversensitive to the effects of this drug. To be on the safe side, consult with a person who specializes in botox. Wheeling citizens can approach Dr. Patrick H. Macedonia for expert advice.

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