Boost Your Metabolism: 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Rev Your Body’s Fat Burning Machine

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You have probably heard that, to lose weight, you need to boost your metabolism. But what exactly is your metabolism, and how easy is it to speed it up?

When your body breaks down your food into fuel and uses that fuel for energy, it is being metabolized. The efficiency and rate at which this is happening is known as your metabolism, and it contributes a great deal to how you feel, how your body operates and how tight your jeans are.

Though your metabolism is influenced in part by age and genetic makeup, there are ways to naturally boost the rate at which your body burns fuel, and therefore burns calories.

The following is a look at the top three ways you can rev the motors of your fat burning machine:

1. Strength Training. Most of us don't want to face the fact that we should be exercising. But the simple truth is that those who move more have a faster metabolism and burn more calories at rest than a person who doesn't exercise. Building muscle is the easiest way to increase your natural energy stores. While cardio will burn fat and increase your circulation system, strength training will quickly build muscle. This doesn't necessarily mean getting bigger. Activities such as lifting weights, squats, lunges and uphill walking or biking can strengthen and tone muscles without building bulk.

2. Good Nutrition. In order to keep your muscles working properly and build new muscles stores, you will need to make sure you are getting adequate amounts of lean protein in your diet. The amount of protein you need depends on your sex, age, and weight. As a general rule, just try to get a serving of lean protein with each meal.

3. Lifestyle Changes. Some of the biggest factors in how our metabolism runs is how well we are treating our bodies. For your body to perform at its peak, be sure to eat well-balanced meals, limit processed food and simple sugars, choose hormone-free dairy and meat, sleep a restful 7+ hours each night, and find ways to eliminate stress in your life.

Our bodies are amazing machines and will adjust how it uses the fuel you give it based on the circumstances around you, so take the time to make sure you are treating it right.

If you try the above simple tips for boosting your metabolism naturally and are still feeling sluggish, you may need to visit your doctor for a blood panel. A simple test can let you know if you have an underlying hormone or nutrition imbalance that may be causing your lack of energy, both of which are easily remedied by supplementation.

While you may not be blessed with great genes when it comes to your metabolic rate, you can at least be proactive in making sure your fat-burning machine is working as hard as it can. Follow these simple tips and you'll be doing your body a huge favor that it will thank you for in the years to come.

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