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One can find number of books on any statement made in Political News or Bollywood News. The only thing required to keep the ball rolling is zeal and love for books. Latest news about new book release is taken very much enthusiastically by people who are considered bookworms by others. Reviews of awaited book sequels are read with a hunger that could get satiated only after getting that book in hand and finishing it. Books are so great an interest that a life seems small in comparison.

Books are the greatest invention of human mind. This statement might represent the bibliophilic inclination but it is eighty percent true in its words and hundred percent true in the emotions it arouses. The arena of books is as gargantuan as imagination of human brain can be. Utter a word and you would find a library full of books on that word waiting to be ruffled. Idea is as exciting and as tiring as a single thing can be.

Books and Movies

Our reading habits are subject to our inclinations and sometimes the trend as with the case of fashion. Fashion is known more for its trend where as books are more of interests driven. Bollywood news never forgets to mention the presence a book behind a movie script if there is any. Literature has been integral part of movies during golden era of Indian as well as World Cinema. Some of the greatest movies ever are inspired from books of all time.

Inspiration of Writing a Book

Latest news about hot topics constantly attracts authors. They keep searching and researching for a subject to write on. Their topics are generally inspired from current scenarios and issues of world concern. Sometimes these topics are just meant to entertain kids, youth and adults alike. Their interest is also fueled by people around them who can see a latent talent of writing. Authors also draw their inspirations from these people.

Incarnation of thoughts

Books are visible representation of what goes in to our head. We feel happy, sad, loved, bereaved, and philosophical with flow of the book we get into. Books can be found in Political news if some personal life or emotions of a person is translated in to biographies. They can also be seen in Bollywood news when publicity of script demands. The thought of latest news becomes more interesting for bibliophile who knows what is it he looking for in case of books. There is so much in books. Will we ever know a way to read all the books written in the world?

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